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The Enchanted Forest

If you check the Zanthia-shaped hole created from your crash landing, you will find a flask inside. The "petrified" trees nearby aren't very helpful since they are concerned you are really a lumberjack in disguise but they don't mind if you pick up one of their pinecones. The very diligent guard at the bridge is unwilling to let anyone pass so you have to find a way to sneak through. You can remove all of the moss from the nearby rock to discover a rolling stone. Be sure to pick up the bundle of twigs and a walnut from within the bridge's little leaning tower.

Return to the Petrified Forest and examine the larger rock to discover that it's flint. Place your twigs on it then use the rolling stone to create a spark. It won't be enough of a flame to scare away the trees but you will end up with charcoal. Looking in your spellbook, you will realize you are one ingredient away from being able to make the Snowman potion. Return to the bridge to collect some snow then combine it with the moss and charcoal in your cauldron. Fill a flask and let frosty take care of the guard.

Just when you think this place couldn't get any stranger, you discover two men chasing around a giant foot. They are much too occupied to speak so pick the acorn from the tree. Use the Alchemist Magnet on the statue to clean it up and a chest appears. Grab the contents and use the jack to stop the foot in its tracks. The two men tell you it's not just any normal giant foot, its actually part of an ancient wizard Bal-Rom that was sealed away ages ago. The real danger will be his left hand which will certainly attempt to disrupt the Wheels of Fate in an effort to reassemble himself.

Take the drums back to the Petrified Forest and use it to loosen up the cowardly trees. The squirrel at the tram is on an extended lunch break so feed him all three nuts to get him back to work. It doesn't really have the intended effect but you have something even better in your knapsack. Put the rolling stone in the wheel then ride the tram up to Alpinia.


The hunters at the lodge aren't willing to give you any climbing supplies since they will need them to capture the abominable snowman... one of these days anyway. Since they seem a bit short on courage, check your spellbook to discover you have the perfect potion to make. Be sure to pick up a lead cannon ball, musk from the yak's head and flask from the wall before you leave the lodge.

Outside you can pick up snow from the ground and a feather duster from the shed. The mother is surprisingly attentive so turn the cannon ball into gold with the Alchemist Magnet then distract her with it. Steal candy from the baby to get the last ingredient you need. Combine the snow, musk, feather duster and lollipop in the cauldron to create the Abominable Snowman Costume potion. The costume doesn't do much to fool the hunters but it sure works wonders on the real abominable snowman who appears and takes Zanthia for his new girlfriend.

You can attempt to escape by picking two icicles outside to climb the wall but you will simply by dragged back to the cave. Take a look outside again to discover the hunters have finally decided to show up. Looking around the Abominable Snowman's love nest, you will see there's enough ingredients to make another potion. Grab the flask from the shelf, cologne from the counter, feathers from the pillow, candy from the table and combine it into the cauldron along with an icicle. Finally make the brave hunters outside useful by using the potion on them. Now that Zanthia is single again, pick grab a second icicle and climb the wall to make your getaway.

The mountain path will lead you to a small cabin housing the Rainbow Machine. This room will test all of your skills as an alchemist with the goal of filling each of the machine's vials with the correct color. From left to right those colors are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Fortunately the shelves here provide you with infinite ingredients that can be found by navigating the three levers to the side.

If you need more flasks, simply pull one from the shelf and either drink it or empty it into the cauldron then flush it. All recipes can be found within your spellbook save one: the Indigo Potion, which is simply an Amethyst combined with Blueberries.

Red Potion (Flying Shoes)
Hot Air, Feathers, Red Leather

Orange Potion (Sandwich Spell)
Mustard, Ground Wheat, Lettuce, Cheese (create mustard by adding vinegar to ground radish)

Yellow Potion (Abominable Snowman Costume)
Snow, Musk, Feathers, Sugar

Green Potion (Swampsnake Potion)
Gnarlybark, Sulphur, Onion, Lizard Tears, Toadstool - then Hot Water

Blue Potion (Teddy Bear Potion)
Fuzz (not Wool), Heart of Gold, Two Black Pebbles

Indigo Potion (Indigo Potion)
Amethyst, Blueberries

Violet Potion (Skeptic Serum)
Lucky Horseshoe, Rabbit Footprint, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Lizard Tears

With the machine in working order, exit the cabin and snap off an icicle to climb the roof and finally reach the Wheels of Fate.


In the Petrified Forest, pick up a flask from the hole and the pinecone from the ground
Remove moss from the rock at the bridge to get the rolling stone
Pick up twigs, snow and a walnut at the bridge
Use the twigs and rolling stone on the flint at the Petrified Forest to create charcoal
Create a Snowman Potion with the snow, moss and charcoal then give it to the bridge guard
Polish the statue with the Alchemist Magnet
Collect the Drums and jack from the chest
Use the jack to stop the fleeing foot
Use the drum at the Petrified Forest
Give the squirrel the pinecone, acorn and walnut
Use the rolling stone to ride the tram to Alpinia
Pick up the cannonball, musk and flask from inside the hunter's lodge
Turn the cannonball into gold to distract the toddler's mother
Steal candy from the baby
Pick up snow and feather duster
Combine the snow, musk, feather duster and lollipop in the cauldron to create the Abominable Snowman costume
Attempt to scare away the hunters
Outside the cave pick up two icicles and attempt to scale the wall
Pick up a flask, cologne, feathers and candy and combine it with an icicle to create another Abominable Snowman costume
Give the potion to the hunters
Scale the wall with two icicles once again
Fill vials on the rainbow machine in the correct color order (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet)
(Flying Shoes, Sandwich Spell, Abominable Snowman, Swampsnake Potion, Teddy Bear, Indigo Potion, Skeptic Serum)
Climb up the roof using an icicle

- Map of the Enchanted Forest & Alpinia -


Continued in Part 6