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Volcania and the Center of the World

Volcania is a very dangerous island with open pools of lava flowing over it. Take care not to step over them or you will be burnt to a crisp. Once again your knapsack will lose all of its items during the swim to shore but you will be reunited with your trusty stick on the screen to the left.

A quick hike around the island will reveal it's more densely populated than one would expect. Several tour guides have set up shop promising a journey to the Center of the World. Seashells, Sliver Dollars and Starfish dot the landscape and these colorful salesmen use them as currency. Dealing with these swindlers will only reveal the quickest way down below is to simply use the vents found around the island.

Though their promises are hollow, the tour services offer some useful items if you want to create a spell to get around the island more easily. The red leather from the fast talking salesman, the quill from the elderly couple and a flask full of hot air from the vents can be combined into a Flying Shoes Potion to simply allow you to walk over the lava.

Jessica, an apprentice wizard from Miltonia can be found wandering the island looking looking for the cure to her own realm's calamity. She seems just as lost as you but recalls there's something she was supposed to do with vents and rocks.

Using the vents sounds simple enough but Zanthia isn't heavy enough to fall by herself. Pick up the two heavy rocks found near the elderly couple and the shore where you picked up the stick to get enough weight to fall down. Just remember to remove the flying shoes first!

Most of your items will be lost on the way down but you will be able to recover the stick once again in the area to the right. Travel further to the right and Zanthia will notice some shiny black pebbles on the ceiling and get the idea to make a Teddy Bear Potion. The blue Stegosaurus acts a lot like a dog so use the stick to play fetch with it a few times and cause some rubble to fall from the ceiling. With the air vent in overdrive, hop in to ride it to the ceiling for two Black Pebbles.

The next ingredient is a Heart of Gold - look for a heart shaped piece of lead and use the Alchemist Magnet to turn it to gold. The final ingredient will be crystal fuzz found in the trees next to the T-Rex. Combine the fuzz, heart and pebbles in your cauldron to complete the potion and fill a flask. With the teddy bear and stick in your inventory, hop onto the T-Rex's back for a wild ride through the Center of the World. The teddy bear will meet a grizzly end but you will walk away with a piece of Zanthia's red dress.

The Triceratops you saw next to the flask is dangerous when approached but using the red cloth, he can be used to charge open the door. Keep entering the room until you see him grazing close to the door then use the cloth to finally enter the Anchor Stone room.

All of your hard work has finally led to this place, only for Marko to appear through a portal and inform you everyone has been deceived all along. The real problem behind everything vanishing lies in the Wheels of Fate. Before you can step through the portal, the Hand drags Marko away leaving you stranded. Pick up the page from your spellbook before you leave.

With the portal closed, you're going to have to leave Volcania the hard way. Pick up every heavy rock in the area and use them to block all four lava vents. Once complete, stand on the stone platform in the lava pool to blast off to the Enchanted Forest.


Collect two heavy rocks and fall into a vent
Pick up the Stick
Use the Stick to play fetch with the blue Stegosaurus, causing rubble to fall
Ride the air vent to recover two Black Pebbles
Turn the heart shaped piece of lead into a Heart of Gold using the Alchemist Magnet
Pick crystal fuzz from the trees
Combine the fuzz, heart and black pebbles to create a Teddy Bear Potion
Use the teddy bear and stick to ride the T-Rex and recover a red piece of cloth
When the Triceratops is facing the door, use the red cloth to have him charge through it
Recover the page from your spellbook in the Anchor Stone room
Block the four vents with four heavy rocks then ride the stone platform

- Map of Volcania -


Continued in Part 5