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Darkmoor Swamp

Well, it's up to you to save Kyrandia from disappearing, but there's just one problem - your lab has been completely sabotaged! Without the two most important tools an alchemist needs, a cauldron and a spellbook, it looks like you are going to have to walk down to the center of the world.

Though it's a mess, Zanthia's ransacked lab still contains some valuable items; namely the flask from the shelf and the blueberry on the floor. But first thing's first - you need to head into Darkmoor Swamp to see if you can recover your spellbook and a cauldron.

Making your way north towards the ferry, you will find a patch of fearsome man eating plants. They aren't the point of interest here however. By examining the open stump, you will find Zanthia's old spellbook from magician school. It may be full of mere parlor tricks and kiddie spells, but it's all we have to work with right now.

At the Ferry, Brueth is more concerned with collecting his fare in gold than he is with the land literally disappearing around him. As an alchemist, you would be able to make some gold but you would need some lead and an Alchemist's Magnet to do so.

To the left, you will find Herb's shack and the Quicksand Bog. It's too dangerous to cross the bog on foot so give the obviously tipsy tree a little push to make a bridge and nab the Skeleton Key along your way. In the lagoon with the alligator, examining the tree will reveal Zanthia's compact Camping Cauldron.

To the right of the ferry, you there are a couple of incompetent fishermen who fortunately have a lead anchor - which could be turned to gold with the fabled Alchemist Magnet. Further down the path you will encounter Marko and his Hand trudging through the swamp.

The path to the south leads to the Firefly Tree. These bugs go wild for blueberries and will display a color sequence every time they are fed. This isn't just for show! Make note of the color order as it will make an appearance several times during your adventure. (You may want to save before feeding them if you need to view the sequence again)

There is clearly something valuable hidden away in the cave Marco exited from - unfortunately it is being guarded by a rather uncooperative rat. He is clearly afraid of snakes so the Swampsnake Potion in your spellbook may be just what you need to scare him off.

Armed with your spellbook and cauldron, you have everything you need to start making this potion - except for the ingredients of course. Looking at the ingredient list however, you may have already seen or picked them up:

*Windy Woof is the twisted branch of the Gnarlwood Tree north of your lab.
*Smell of eggs is the sulphur rock from the sulphur springs
*Onions can be found at the Gnarlwood Tree or the cave entrance
*Lizard tears collected by tickling the crocodile at the lagoon with the feather from the nest in the area to the right of the lagoon
*Toadstool in Herb's shack (yes, the stool a toad sat on)
*Get hot water by heating a flask full of any water on the candle in Herb's Shack or from the pools at the Hot Sulphur Springs

Drop the first 5 ingredients in your empty cauldron (you can drain it any time with the flushing lever on its side) and the hot water last. If everything was added correctly, it will turn green. Fill a flask and bring your prize over to the rat. You can either drink it or give it to him; either way he will run off for good. The cave is now unguarded but it is too dark to see. Outside Herb's shack you will be able to pick a fireberry by first cooling it with water from a flask. With the cave now illuminated, a giant skull keeps the treasure locked away. Click on its colored teeth in the same order you saw displayed at the Firefly Tree outside then unlock the chest with the Skeleton Key. Inside is the legendary Alchemist Magnet... and some cheese, of course.

Giving the cheese to the fishermen will finally allow them to get their catch for the day. Find their docked boat to the north of the lab and snag their lead anchor. Touching the Alchemist Magnet to it will magically turn it to gold. At the Ferry, karma has caught up to Brueth and a distressed mail carrier now sits in his place. He will still fortunately carry you to your destination, free of charge, as long as you find the four letters he dropped when he crashed. They can be found at the Sulphur Springs, Quicksand Bog, the Firefly Tree and Zanthia's roof. If you happen to find Marko being toyed with by the wild garden weeds, you can distract them with a bag of manure from Herb's shack. Return them all to finally hitch a ride to Morningmist Valley


Find Zanthia's spellbook in the tree trunk at the weed patch
Get the Skeleton's Key at the Quicksand Bog by tipping over the tree
Find Zanthia's cauldron in the tree at the lagoon
At the Firefly Tree, memorize the order of colors they sound off in after being fed a blueberry
Mix the Swampsnake potion to get rid of the rat guarding the cave
You will need flasks for this; you can find two in your lab on the shelf and under the carpet, and one from Herb's shack
*Windy woof is the gnarly bark snapped from the roots of the Gnarlwood Tree
*Smell of eggs is the sulphur rock from the hot sulphur springs
*An onion can be found at the Gnarlwood Tree or the cave entrance
*Lizard tears collected in a flask by tickling the crocodile at the lagoon with a feather
*Toadstool in Herb's shack
*Get hot water by heating a flask full of any water on the candle in Herb's Shack.
Scare the rat away with the Swampsnake Potion
Get a fireberry to light up the cavern from the bush near Herb's shack by cooling them down with a flask full of water
Click the colored teeth in the same order as the fireflies from the firefly tree
Unlock the chest with the Skeleton's key to get the Alchemist's Magnet and moldy cheese
Give the cheese to the fishermen and get their anchor from the dock near Zanthia's lab
Collect the 4 letters for the Dragonfly at your lab, the Quicksand Bog, the sulphur springs and the firefly tree
Talk to the Dragonfly to fly to Morningmist Valley

- Map of Darkmoor Swamp -


Continued in Part 2