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The Legend of Kyrandia - Guide

In Brandon's home, you will find a note on the desk. Brandon will notice it is blank except for Brynn's name. Taking it to her temple may shed some light on what happened. You can also find a saw under the desk. You never know when something like that could come in handy. There is also an apple in the jar next to the bed and a garnet on the desk.

As Brandon is leaving, the wall will come alive with a message from the spirits of the land asking him to help against Malcolm.

To the west of Brandon's house, you will find a rotting willow tree. There is a teardrop shaped indent in the trunk. Perhaps something you come across later will fit.

In Brynn's temple, she asks to see the note you found next to Brandon's Grandfather. She will dispell the enchantment and ask you to bring her a lavender rose.

You will find the Pool of Sorrows east of Brandon's house. Brandon will be able to catch one of the teardrops. Its use isn't clear but it could be connected with the indent on the rotting willow tree to the west.

At the forest alter to the northeast, you will find a lavender rose for Brynn on either side of the altar. You will notice the altar seems to be missing a piece.

Bring the lavender rose to Brynn and she will enchant it and tell you to place it on the silver altar. She also mentions you should talk to Darm for further guidance. Since the altar seems to be broken, you will have to look around for the missing piece.

You can find Herman in the cave to the south next to a ruined bridge. He says he can repair the bridge if he has a saw to cut new planks. Give him Grandpa's saw so he can get to work. Though there is a rope still connected to the other side, it's not a good idea for Brandon to try and cross it. Unless you save first, of course.

At the rotten willow tree, try using the teardrop you found at the Pool of Sorrows to heal the tree. After it is healed, Merith shows up and mentions a marble he found. To get it, you will need to play a little game of tag. He will lead you to the northeast where you can sneak up on him. With the marble, you can now fix the altar. Set the Silver Rose on the altar and your amulet will activate. It doesn't seem to have any power yet though. If you return to the temple, Brynn is nowhere to be found.

Now that you have the amulet, you will find Herman has finished repairing the bridge.


Take the note from grandpa's bench
Show it to Brynn at her temple
Bring her a lavender rose from the forest altar
Give Herman the saw so he can repair the bridge
Heal the rotting willow tree with the teardrop from the pool of sorrows
Chase Merith for the marble
Use the marble on the forest altar to fix it
Put the silver rose on the altar
Cross the repaired bridge

- Map of Brandon's Forest -

Continued in Part 2