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After the fight, seal the seed and exit the cave. Climb to the top of the mountain and you will find Sage Joch’s assistant in a cave. He will tell you that Sage Joch left for the Gold Isle. Take Flammie to the Gold Isle and you will find the palace there is locked. Go on the path on the wall surrounding the town and talk to the man and he will tell you the key was stolen by a Tasnican spy. Take Flammie back to Southtown and talk to Mara to get the palace key. Go back to Gold Isle and enter the palace. Go through it until you encounter Blue Spike.

Gold Isle Tower |map|

Blue Spike

Blue Spike fights similar to Spikey Tiger. Have the sprite cast Earth Slide and attack with weapons after Blue Spike lands. When you cause enough damage, Blue Spike pretends to be defeated. When you see the boss explosion scene a 2nd time, Blue Spike will really be dead.

Continue on and you will face yet another boss.

Gorgon Bull

Gorgon Bull fights similar to Minotaur. Weapons have very little effect, but Air Blast and Thunder cause a huge amount of damage. There is less room to maneuver in this area so the charge attack is especially deadly if you get pushed into a corner.

Moon Palace |map|

After the battle, seal the seed and go back to Sage Joch’s cave. Jehk will tell you Sage Joch went to the Moon Palace. Take Flammie to the desert and land by the black sea. Wander until you find a fairy to take you to the Moon Palace. Once in the dark area of the palace, head about one screen to the left and walk up to find an orb. Have the girl cast Lucent Beam on it and keep walking to get Luna. Seal the seed and exit the palace.

Return to Sage Joch’s cave and you will discover he has gone to Tasnica. This is a good time to level up your magic. Tasnica is located on the large island west of the Lofty Mountains. When you arrive there, everyone will be searching for a spy in the castle. Go to the throne room and talk to the king. You will be forced to fight an enemy named Dark Stalker. Attack with Lucent Beam and weapon attacks. After the battle, talk to the king and he will give you a weapon orb. Talk to Jema and he will tell you to visit Sage Joch again. When you find Jehk, he will finally reveal Sage Joch to you. Jehk tells you to take the path he reveals to learn courage. Follow the path and save your MP for the fight ahead.


The Doppelgangers are copies of your party. Magic has almost no effect, so just use weapons. You will easily be able to knock them around. Concentrate on one at a time. They will use charged attacks against you, so be prepared to dodge whenever they approach,

After the fight, Jehk will reveal that he was really Sage Jock all along. He tells you to go to the Tree Palace on the Lost Continent. Ride Flammie over there and you will find the Emperor and 2 of his bodyguards there breaking the seal. Sheex will send the Aegagropilon to fight you.


Aegagropilon will keep casting Wall on itself, halting your abilities to cast magic on it with effect. Have the sprite cast Dispel to remove it and attack with Thunder and Earth Slide whenever Wall isn’t cast on it. Attack mostly with weapons and have the girl keep everyone healthy with Cure Water. Attacking from above is a bit safer than any other position. Aegagropilon is perhaps the most aggressive attacking enemy you will face on your adventure, making this a very difficult fight.

After the fight, go to the stage and you will be too late to seal the seed but Dryad, the tree elemental, will join you. Run out of the rising palace and land Flammie back down after the palace stops moving. Follow the stairs down the palace and go into the underground passage it leads to.

Sunken Continent |map|

Use the axe to clear the debris and continue on until you reach a waterfall that prevents you from passing. Go to the top part of the waterfall and let it carry you. When you reach a switch on the wall, hit it to deactivate the waterfall. Do this to get past the other waterfalls. You will eventually run into the Hydra.


Hydra fights like the Jabberwocky but it can regenerate a lost head. In addition to its biting attacks, it also casts Acid Rain so be sure the girl is keeping everyone healthy. Have the sprite repeatedly cast Exploder if Dryad is leveled up. MP is also effective against Hydra so you can save your Fairy Walnuts.

The underground passage through the Sunken Continent is easy to get lost in with its many twists and turns. If you get lost, reference the map above; all of the doors are paired in alphabetical order so you will always know which you should reach next.

After the fight, follow the path to enter the underground city. When you reach some escalators, take the left side down and search against the wall for a passage leading to a switch. Go in the doorway by a blue-tiled area to get into the resistance HQ. Talk to Krissie to get a restored. Make your way through the city until you reach a room with 4 light colored tiles. Step in the middle of them to open up a passage. When you reach some colored switches on a wall hit then in this order: red, blue, yellow, green. When you step on the next switch, it will have opened the path a ways to the right. Continue on through the train station and walk through the right arch at the dead end to open the path. until you encounter the Scorpion Army again.

Kettle Kin

Have the sprite cast MP absorb in between attack spells until Kettle Kin runs out of MP so it can’t cast Lucid Barrier on itself. It fights the same as Kilroy, but it is faster and a lot tougher. Be sure to keep your distance between attacks to receive less damage. It's not weak against any element so cast whatever is the highest level.

Grand Palace |map|

After the fight, continue and you will reach the exit. There will now be a shortcut up the palace walls. Go in the door to enter the Grand Palace. In the palace, you will find magic orbs. Use the girl’s Analyzer spell to see which Elemental will work.

From the entrance, take the door on the main level. Cast Gem Missile on the orb in the left room and Freeze on the orb in the right room. Go back to the main room and up the stairs. Cast Air Blast on the orb in the left room and then take the path south and around. Cast Exploder on the orb. Go up the stairs and cast Dark Force on the orb in the right room and Lucent beam on the orb in the left room. Go back to the gate and take the stairs on the right side of it up and around to hit the switch that will raise the gate. Go through the gate and then go down the stairs in the upper left part of the room. Go up the stairs you come to. Use the switches to open up the paths and use the whip post on the left side of the room. Use Lunar Magic on the orb. There will now be a whip post on the right side of the last room. Cross it and step on the switch which will lead you to the Snap Dragon.

Snap Dragon

The Snap Dragon fights like the Biting Lizard, but it is much quicker and causes a huge amount of damage. Have the sprite attack with Exploder and don’t try to charge your weapons; you will likely be swallowed before you can attack.

After the fight, exit the palace and spend a night at the inn and buy a full supply of Fairy Walnuts. Go up the stairs and past the slain emperor to find Fanha and Thanatos. They will send the Hexas after you.


Have the sprite cast Earth Slide and keep away when not attacking. Hexas will Pygmyize you with her glare, so be sure to counter with the Midge Mallet or medical herb right away. Try to keep your distance between weapon attacks since it's tough to see where she will damage with her tail. She will also cast atack magic at you so having the girl cast Wall on the party may be helpful.

Mech Rider 3

You will be forced to face Geshtar a third and final time after you beat Hexas. The battle area is much larger than in your previous encounters with him. He will cast Wall on himself, so have the sprite cast Dispel and then MP Absorb when you’re sure Wall is down. Attack with charged weapon attacks when Geshtar stops by the edge of the battlefield.

After the fight, the Grand Palace will sink again after Thanatos raises the Mana Fortress. Land back down on the Lost Continent Talk to Jema outside the palace. Walk around the palace to find Neko. Buy the armor he sells and stock up on items; especially Fairy Walnuts. Ride Flammie to the NW corner of the world and land in the volcano you find there. The monsters in the Pure Land are very powerful and will kill you in a couple of hits if you didn’t buy Neko’s armor at the Lost Continent. The Pure Land is the best place for training in the game besides the Mana Fortress. When you enter the first cave you find, you will face Dragon Worm.



Dragon Worm

Dragon Worm fights similar to Great Viper. It will sometimes cast Wall on itself. Have the sprite attack with Thunder and cast Dispel to take off Dragon Worm’s Wall. If you run out of magic, attack it when it stops in the clearing. Dragon Worm will pygmyize and moogle you when it slithers over you.


Continued in Part 4