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After the fight, reseal the Mana Seed and talk to Jema and Luka. The Cannon Travel will now be able to send you to the Upperland. Traveling to the upperland, you will arrive in a winter area with a bunch of moogles. The Sprite has lost his memory on the way down but he can still understand the moogles who have lost their village to invading Pebblers.

Upperland Seasonal Forest |map|

Go down into a pink forest area (spring) and then right into a green forest area (summer). From there, go to the upper left part of the area to enter the Moogle Village where you will encounter some pillaging Pebblers. Pebblers are a bit tougher than most enemies you have faced so watch for an opening when they aren't spinning or attacking. Defeat the Pebblers and leave the village and the Moogles will return. An axe and Glove orb in the chests are your rewards for saving the village.

Talk to the Moogles and the Sprite will regain his memory. The key to unlocking the way to the Sprite Village is to walk through the seasonal forest in the correct order. You will need to travel from spring - to summer - to fall - to winter - and finally back to spring again, in that order. Upon reaching spring, you will hear a sound and the path in the upper right part of the area will open the way to the village. If nothing happened, keep walking around the seasonal loop in the correct order and be sure never to backtrack. You will find the Sprite’s village in ruin and the Spring Beak behind the village.

Spring Beak

This can be another easy fight if the Sprite has full MP and repeatedly casts Earth Slide. Spring Beak will jump all over the place, usually on one on the 2 ledges. It can be very hard to hit with weapons, so magic will come in handy in this fight. Spring Beak will also cast Air Blast and Thunder to attack you. If you need to use weapons, try to hit it when it doesn’t land on the ledges as its long feet can keep him out of your reach.

After defeating the Spring Beak, go up to the Wind Palace. You will find the Sprite’s Grandpa blinded and weakened. The Empire invaded and unsealed the seed but he will give you the Elemental Sylphid. Seal the seed and take the path leading left in the Spring area. With your new Sylphid magic, have the Sprite cast Air Blast on the orb. Make your way through the Upperland Forest until you reach a cave that will lead you to the village of Matango.

Upperlad West Forest |map|

Dragon Cave |map|

Buy new armor and visit the castle to talk to the king. He will allow you to go into the Dragon Cave, where a dragon was seen fighting with a giant serpent. You can reach the cave by taking the exit below the inn in the castle. The Dragon Cave is a long and winding path so you will need to be careful to conserve your items and MP as you fight past its denizens. When you find an orb on a ledge, use the Sprite's Earth Slide to create a path below. Follow this new path to reach a forest clearing - and the Great Viper.

Great Viper

The Great Viper attack with Gem Missile and will shrink you when it passes. It will go into the forest outside the battlefield and rush at you from there. Use the Midge Mallet (if you have it) to counter when it shrinks you and have the sprite repeatedly cast Thunder.

Attack the Great Viper when it stops in the middle of the clearing. You can also attack it when it comes at you, but it is hard to hit it. The whip is especially effective at landing hits in this battle. Make sure you keep everyone healthy; armor can’t be used when you are shrunk.

After the fight, go up and you will find a baby white dragon. After you bring it to King Truffle, he will name it Flammie and says he will take care of it for you. Take the cannon travel on the path between Matango Cave and the spring forest. Head to Ice Country first which will send you to Todo Village.

Ice Country |map|

Buy new armor and visit the blacksmith shop to have Watts forge your weapons. Leave the town and take the snowy trail to a house. You will find a reindeer named Rudolph who says his master has gone missing. Before you leave, check the house to find a spear's orb. Continue through the icy forest until you cone to a clearing with where you will encounter Boreal Face.

Boreal Face

Boreal face fights the same as Tropicallo, except it can appear in one of any 4 possible places. Make sure you time your attacks to strike only when it is fully visible or its thick armor will deflect it. It has no real vulnerabilities to magic so use any spell you like. The brambler that appears is just as weak as the first battle with Tropicallo so ridding yourself of that nuisance will be much easier this time around.

Go up and you will find a hidden paradise. Talk to the guy from Scorpion Army by the stove. He will ask you to watch it for him and leaves. Check the stove and when you hear a tapping, open the stove and the elemental Salamando will join you. At this point, I suggest you level up your Salamando magic because fire magic will be very important soon. Leave the deserted town to go north. Keep on the path to head to the Ice Palace. One path also leads to Neko.

Ice Palace |map|

Go through the Ice Palace and take the first left path you come across on the 2nd floor to get the Glove’s orb. Go back on the main path and keep going until you fall into a trap by stepping on a switch.

Biting Lizards

You will have to face 3 Biting Lizards in this fight. Concentrate on one at a time. Leave the others as Tonpoles so they don’t cause as much damage. Conserve your magic and use only weapons. Use the same strategies used for fighting the Biting Lizard in Undine’s Cave.

After the fight, keep going until you reach a throne room. When a voice tells you to leave, say no.

Frost Gigas

Use the Sprite’s fire magic and some of the girl’s, but leave enough for healing. The Frost Gigas will cast Ice Saber on your weapons so you will cause less damage. Cast Fire Saber when it does this. Watch out for its powerful attacks. Just keep piling on the fire magic and using weapon attack if your MP runs out.

Kakkara Desert Maze |map|

After the fight, head to Kakkara via Cannon Travel. You will be stranded in the middle of a desert. Keep wandering north and occasionally east or west and you will come across a ship. They will capture you and make you work as slaves. Talk to a man named Sergio twice, and he will help you escape. The doors on the ship are very hard to make out; they almost look like they’re part of the wall. First, head under deck to find the sprite. Next, go on the upper deck and through the door in the middle of the back part of the ship to get the girl. The Empire will attack the ship and Geshtar will fight you on his battle machine.

Mech rider

Geshtar will charge back and forth, running you over and firing missiles. He will also cast Speed Up on himself to ride even faster. Have the sprite cast Thunder and attack with weapons when Geshtar is turning around on the end of the screen. It can help to stay on one side and wait for him if he always hits you when you are chasing him to the other side of the screen.

Kakkara Desert |map|

Geshtar will take off after being defeated. Talk to a soldier from the ship and tell him you are leaving. Wander a north to find the town of Kakkara. The people will tell you that the fire seed has gone missing. If you went to the Ice Country and defeated the Frost Gigas, you will already have recovered the fire seed. Leave Kakkara Village, go down one screen, left, and then keep going up to reach the Fire Palace.

Fire Palace |map|

Go through the palace, and when you reach an orb by a lava field, have the sprite cast Exploder on it. Keep going until you reach a room full of torches. Cast fireball on the orb to make a platform appear. Keep going until you reach a switch that will make a path back to the southeast open up. Keep going until you get to a room full of torches. Step on the switch and cast Freeze on the orb that appears. Walk between the 2 torches that remain lit and go in the new door that appears.


Minotaur has a very good defense against weapon attacks, but the Thunder spell will cause a great deal of damage. Air Blast is also effective. Watch out for its charge attacks as it can repeatedly knock you back even against the wall. Just keep hitting it with Thunder and the battle will end soon.

After the battle, seal the seed take the Cannon Travel in Kakkara to the Empire. You will land in Southtown. Talk to a woman named Mara. She will give you a secret number. Give the number to the man by the sewers to pass. Be careful in the sewers; the monsters there can be very dangerous in close quarters.

Southtown Sewer Passage |map|

Make your way through the sewers to Northtown. You will walk right into the Resistance Headquarters. Krissie, the resistance leader, will inform you that someone named Dyluck is draining people’s energy at the ruins. Before going to the ruins, rest at the inn, buy some new armor, and buy as many Fairy Walnuts as you can hold. Go to the ruins on the right side of the town. You will meet Phanna and Krissie will bring her to their doctor.

Northtown Ruins |map|

Go through the ruins and be sure to get the weapon orbs at the end of the paths on the 2nd floor of the first room. After you grab those, take the center doors back on the first floor. You will eventually reach a large room with spikes blocking some paths. Take the path to the south and you will come to a switch that will disable the spikes. Back in the larger room, you will now be able to grab the sword orb to the northwest. The path down the stairs is also open. Step on the switch there and a door will appear behind you. You will eventually make your way to a room with Doom’s Wall.

Doom’s Wall

The strategy remains the same as for Wall Face. This enemy is a lot stronger. I suggest casting Earth Slide on the Central eye and concentrating on a supporting eye with weapons. Doom’s Wall will slowly move forward, toward the back wall. It will push you along also. If it hits the back wall, you will lose.

Continue on until you find Dyluck. He will drain the girl’s energy and comes to his senses after the boy hits him. Go through the back door and get the girl back from Thanatos. Thanatos will make you fight a vampire.


You can only cause damage to Vampire with weapons when its cape isn’t covering its body. Have the sprite cast Thunder and try to dodge Vampire’s attacks. Attack with weapons when it’s open. Replenish the sprite’s MP with Faerie Walnuts and keep casting Thunder when it isn't open to attacks. His leap attack is tough to avoid so be sure to keep mobile.

Northtown Castle |map|

After the battle, return to the Resistance HQ and Krissie will inform you that the Emperor wants peace. They go on ahead. Go to the top of the town to go to the palace. When you reach the meeting room, you realize it is a trap (surprise) and are captured. You will be thrown into a pit with a monster.

Metal Mantis

This fight is a lot like the on with Mantis Ant. Have the sprite cast Thunder and Air Blast. Hold your charge attacks for when its guard drops.

After the fight, free Krissie and the others from the jail and make your way through the palace. When you get to the main gate outside, keep going and walk up the stairs and you will eventually come to a room with some weapon orbs. Go back to the front gate and take the stairs to the left. You will reach a switch that makes a door appear and then continue on to a large room with many floor switches. Step to the switch on the side and you will teleport to the other side of the room. Hit the switch on the wall and you will be able to walk to the door to the north. until you reach a room with the Emperor and hid bodyguards. Geshtar will challenge you to another fight.

Mech Rider 2

Have the sprite repeatedly cast Thunder. Stay on one side and attack when Geshtar is turning around. This fight will be the same as the first Mech Rider, except he is a lot stronger now and charges across a longer distance.

After the fight, Geshtar sets the palace on fire and King Truffle will come to rescue you, riding Flammie. It seems that Flammie has grown very quickly and is now big enough to ride. Bring King Truffle back to Matango and he will give you a toy to call Flammie whenever you need him. Ride Flammie to the Lofty Mountains in the southwest near Matango. At this point, I suggest you stock up on money and go buy the best armor at this point on the Gold Isle, which is northeast of Matango.

Lofty Mountains |map|

When you’re ready, follow the mountain trail south of Mandala Village past the cave and up into the mountains. At the very top, you will meet an annoying creature named Jech who tells you that Sage Joch is away in the Palace of Darkness.

Palace of Darkness |map|

Hike down the Lofty Mountains all the way down to the cave by Mandala, which leads into the Palace of Darkness. Take the door to the right when the path splits then hack through the stone with the axe and take the path to the bottom right. Go through the door to the left to make a whip target appear for getting across the chasm later. Continue south and don't miss the switch to the left that will make a gate open up. Keep going until you reach the point where you can jump across the chasm with the whip and then step on the switch to make a door appear. Go back to the entrance with the magic rope or by walking and grab the weapon orb from the opened gate in the first room. Hack through the stone and go through the cave door you created. Step on the switch and just walk between the flames when they appear and you will reach a door at the other side of the room.

Lime Slime

Lime Slime begins the battle very large, but the more damage you cause to it, the smaller it will get. Attack the red center of it with charged attacks. If you bought armor at Gold Isle, you will receive little damage in this fight. Have the sprite and girl attack with their fire magic.

Continued in Part 3