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South Cape

You begin at Will's school in South Cape. Will's friends say they are meeting at the cave by the seashore. Heading up to the school rooftop, you will find a doorway to the Dark Space. There will be many of these doorways you will find throughout the game. This is where you will be able to save your game and even gain access to special abilities later.

You can jump off the ledge below the school to meet the Jeweler Gem. You will find many red jewels on your adventure and may exchange them for treasures in his inventory. You can find a red jewel in the school's bell tower on the roof. There is also a red jewel in Lance's house in a jar in the basement.

Talk to Lance and Seth. Erik will then rush in with a rumor that Princess Kara has run away to South Cape. After, everyone wants to see Will use his psychic power. Move the statue in the lower right by getting in line with it, facing it and then holding L or R. Talk to Lance and he will ask you to pick the correct card. You can get a red jewel at this point from the fisherman on the dock when he is sitting near the cave with a pot behind him. If he isn't there, enter the cave and go outside again. This may take quite a few attempts. Head back to Will's house and you will be introduced to a girl and her pet pig.

Edward's Castle

The next morning Will receives a letter from King Edward. At Edward's Castle, you can get a red jewel from someone behind the far right pillar on the first floor. Visit Kara on the top floor of the castle. Afterwards, visit the king. Since you don't have the Crystal Ring, he throws you in prison no matter what you say.

Edward's Prison |map|

Take a look around the cell examining everything such as the door, the wall chain, the ball and chain and even the moss. Eventually a soldier will drop some bread down for you to eat. Will eventually drifts off to sleep but is awoken by his father's voice speaking from the flute. A jewel will appear on the left side where you can't reach. Use the same ability you used to move the statue in the seaside cave. Soon after, Hamlet will show up with a key to open the jail door. To open the door, you will need to equip the key in your inventory and then use it on the door. There is a door to Dark Space in the area to the right.

The first enemies you will encounter are in the room to the south. When you defeat all enemies in an area, you will receive a permanent power up. It is very important to defeat all of the enemies in every area you arrive at throughout the adventure. That is how you increase your health, strength and defense. You can press start and you will see how many enemies remain. When you come to some statues blocking the way, you can move one the same way you moved the statue in the cave. Some enemies will open up an area when defeated. You will come to a switch that is rusted shut and won't respond when hit. Go above it and jump down onto it to open a door leading to a red jewel.

You will eventually come to a room with a flower and a voice telling you to play Lola's Melody. Equip the song and play it near the flower. Hit the switch on the right side on the count of 3. You will see a switch that is out of Will's attack range. Continue on and open up a door to the Dark Space. Talk to the statue of the knight to become Freedan. With Freedan's increased attack reach, you can hit the switch and continue on.

Don't miss the red jewel to the left at the intersection. Up ahead, you meet a girl named Lilly who seems to know your grandmother. There is a red jewel in the bottom barrel.

Go up to Kara's room and rescue her. She wants you to grab an item in the first open barrel to the left in the basement. Return to South Cape and you will find Will's house a mess thanks to the hunter called Black Jackal. Lilly shows up and tells will his grandparents are safe at Itory Village.

Itory Village

When you arrive at Itory Village, Lilly will tell you to play Lola's Melody. There is a red jewel in the wood pile in the bottom left part of the village. Enter the Dark Space in the north to gain the Psycho Dash ability for Will. Run down the slope to jump across the chasm. Talk to the elder hidden among the flowers then go to the cave below. Use the Psycho Dash on the wall where you see a brief flash. Grab the Incan Statue and return to the Elder. Talk to Lilly again to visit the Moon Tribe.

Talk to the shadows then enter the cave below. Defeat all the enemies within 20 seconds to receive the statue. It may be better to ignore the orbs they drop until you defeat the last one. Grab the statue then talk to Lilly to go to the Incan Ruins.

Larai Cliffs |map|

Fight through the ruins. When you come to a spike pit blocking a door, there is an enemy next to it covering up a diamond shaped hole. Continue on and you will come to a treasure chest on a cliff with a diamond shaped block. Equip it and put it in the hole to create a path.

When you come to statues blocking the way, you can use the Psycho Dash to destroy them. On the cliffside, you will see a gap in the stones between 2 bridges that will allow you to jump down to the door below. Continue on until you make your way to a room with golden statues and floor tiles. Use your ability to move the statues onto the gold floor tiles. If you get too close, they will come alive and attack you. Once they are on 3 tiles, you can step on the fourth to open a doorway.

When you reach the Dark Space, become Freedan. Go outside and you will learn the Melody of the Wind. Backtrack and you will be able to hit the statue that was out off Will's attack range.

When you come to a line of statues that won't attack, you can hit a switch that will bring them all to life at once. You may come to a room with many gold tiles but Will is needed for this part. Head north up the stairs and you will find a Dark Space to turn back. Make sure you grab the red jewel up the stairs from the door to Dark Space.

As Will, return to the gold tile room and play the Melody of the Wind. Stand on the tile that begins to glow until a door opens. Continue on and place the Incan Statues in the slots on the cliffside. Enter the Dark Space and become Freedan. Step on the tile between the 3 pillars to the left and a wind will blow you over to the guardian of the ruins.


Strike his hands until they are both no longer grabbing the ledge. After his hands are gone, dodge attacks and wait for the eyes to glow a bright green. Begin attacking the head when that happens. If he starts stomping, that means he will begin shooting a beam around the bottom part of the room. You may want to try and get behind him when that happens. Use herbs if your health gets too low. This is a difficult fight so be sure to stay aware of the things flying around the screen.

Onboard the Incan ship, talk to the queen inside. You can find the Mystic Statue below deck. When you are done talking to everyone, climb the crow's nest and the ship will sail out of the darkness.

Go back inside and sleep on the bed. When you wake up, Lance and the others are there. Make sure you go outside first and talk to Seth for a red jewel. Go to the queen's throne and the ship will begin to shake.

You find yourself adrift on a raft with Kara. Talk to her and then eat the leg of yak you got from the castle. On day 2, you can hit the fish as they jump by but Kara will get angry. Eventually they day passes by. On day 4, you will see a jar with a message float to the raft. On day 7, hit some fish to knock them onto the raft. Eat them to regain your energy. Talk to Kara and she will eat some also.

Many days later, you end up at a seaside house. Make sure you grab the red jewel in the pot outside the door first. Talk to Kara and you will head for Freejia.


Follow Kara to the hotel and you will find Lilly and the others there. There is a red jewel on the second floor of the hotel.

You can find the Jeweler Gem on the roof. There is a door to Dark Space in a house in the back part of town. There is an HP jewel in the knocked over trash can nearby. You can get in the locked house in the front of town by jumping off a building in the back alley.

You can get another red jewel by turning in the escaped laborer if you found him in the locked house.From the entrance, you can walk to the right and find a place you can jump over the stones between 2 houses. you can get a red jewel from the person back there. You can get out of that area in a similar way up top.

Go to the cave in the back part of town and tell the guard you want to look at the laborers. One will tell you about Erik being taken. Go to the locked house in the back alley and break down the door by attacking it. Erik will tell you the location of the Diamond Mine.


Continued in Part 2