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Final Fantasy II - Guide


Baron Castle

Cecil is shown returning to the castle of Baron after seizing a crystal from the people of Mysidia. After questioning his orders, the displeased king dismisses Cecil and commands him to deliver a package to the village of Mist. Cecil's friend Kain comes to his defense but is only sent along with on the mission. Right below the throne room is a hidden switch that opens the way to the three treasure chests. You won't be able to leave the castle until you have a night's rest in Cecil's room. Head to his room in the upper western area of the castle in a tower and you will encounter his friends Rosa and Cid along the way.

The town of Baron is on either side of the castle on the overworld and you can find plenty of items so look around. You can enter the water at the top of the town next to the dancer and it will lead to the small pool where you can find a few items. Also check the hanging sword inside the Inn and it will open the wall leading to 3 treasure chests. In order to get to the village of Mist you will have to travel through the Misty Cave which lies to the northwest. If you don't want to fight any enemies on the way there, you can get a chocobo in the middle of the small circular shaped forest to the west of Baron.

Cave of Mist |map|

Make your way through the cave and a mysterious voice will eventually ask you if you want to continue. Say yes and you will fight D. Mist to continue.

Cecil can use his regular attack but Kain's jump ability really comes in handy here. Just make sure not to attack the D. Mist when it eventually turns into mist or it will counter attack for massive damage. When it is in mist form, you can heal up if you need to or simply wait it out by not performing any commands.

Just outside the cave is the village of Mist. When you arrive, the package opens and burns the village. You encounter a young summoner named Rydia who fights against you when Cecil and Kain try to take her from the burning village. Her summon uses quake which causes a huge earthslide that blocks the way back to Baron. Kain is missing so Cecil must make his way on his own for now. In the middle of the desert near a pond is the village of Kaipo.

Kaipo Village |map|

Cecil will take Rydia to rest at the inn at Kaipo but soldiers will come for them in the middle of the night. If you defeat all of the soldiers, the general will run away. Rydia will join the party after the fight. If you enter the house in the upper right part of town, you will find Rosa who has fallen ill after chasing after Cecil. It seems the only way to cure her is to get a SandRuby. The lair of the Antlion is rumored to have one but you will have to go through the Watery Pass in order to get there. Before you go there , it is a good idea to get Rydia to around level 5 so she has some magic to help Cecil. It will help to put her in the back row so she won't take as much damage. When you are ready, head to the Watery Pass tthrough the cave in the north.

Watery Pass |map|

You will meet an old sage named Tellah who is traveling to the town of Damcyan to get back his daughter - but there is a monster blocking the way. He joins the party in order to help get through the pass. If you go to the upper right, you can make your way down into the water and enter the waterfall to find a hidden room full of treasure chests. If you encounter a Zombie or Jelly, they are vulnerable only to magic so physical attacks will not be effective. Near the end of the cave you will find a Darkness sword for Cecil to use. Back in the cave, jump down the waterfall and you will find treasure chests along the way with Darkness armor pieces for Cecil. Eventually you will find Octomamm hiding inside of a waterfall.

Octomamm is weak against lightning so have Rydia and Tellah use Lit and have Cecil use his normal attacks. Tellah or Rydia can heal with magic or items if anyone is low on HP. Octomamm's tentacles will be destroyed as he takes more and more damage.

After the battle, enter the waterfall where Octomamm was to exit the cave. As you see Damcyan off in the distance, airships fly by and bomb it into ruins. In the castle you will find Tellah's daughter Anna and the bard she eloped with who is really prince Edward from Damcyan. They learn of someone named Golbez using the Red Wings in order to gather crystals for himself. Tellah leaves the party after swearing revenge against Golbez for his daughter but Cecil convinces Edward to join. He has a hovercraft which can be used to cross shallow water that has rocks sticking out from the surface. He says the SandRuby is in the Antlion lair to the east and can be reached with the hovercraft by crossing the shallows to the northeast of Damcyan.

The Antlion Lair |map|

In the Antlion lair there are a few dead ends with treasure chests but none of them go too far from where you need to go. Along the way, you will find the Charm harp for Edward. The Antlion is at the bottom of a large circular room.

If you use physical attacks the Antlion will use a powerful counterattack. Have Rydia use her Call ability to summon her Chocobo. Her spells are also somewhat effective and will not prompt Antlion to counter attack. Have Cecil use parry and have Edward use hide unless someone needs healing.

Take the SandRuby back to Kaipo using the shortcut over the shallows to the west. Talk to Rosa and use the SandRuby to heal her. She will now be able to join Cecil and the others on their journey. With the crystal at Damcyan lost, they decide to go to the crystal at Fabul but first they will have to cross Mt Hobs. During the night, Edward is attacked and is encouraged by Anna to be strong.

Mt Hobs |map|

Mt Hobs is located at an easy to miss pass northeast of the Antlion lair. Rydia will use fire magic to get past the ice blocking the way. The path to the left leads to some treasure chests and a save point. The door to the right leads to a monk in the middle of a battle.

The MomBomb will change form several times. First it will transform into a large menacing creature. It will eventually explode and cause about 80 damage to everyone so heal up when you see the message. After it explodes, it turns into several smaller bombs. Edward can charm the bombs in the back and Yang can use his Kick ability to hit multiple enemies at once. Rydia can use her magic when she isn't helping Rosa at healing the party.

Fabul is located a ways southeast from Mt Hobs. You can purchase Black armor for Cecil at the weapon shop. There are also many items to be found in the second floor's towers. Go and visit the King in the throne room and he will eventually ask you to help defend the castle and the crystal against Golbez's attack. After several waves of attacks, the party is driven back to the crystal's chamber. Kain will show up and attack Cecil under Golbez's influence. You will be unable to win and Golbez abducts Rosa and commands Kain to take the wind crystal.

In the throne room there is a floor switch on the right side that opens a hidden passage leading to some items including a Black shield for Cecil. If you visit the king in his room in the right side tower, he will say you should rest up at the inn. At the inn, the party decides they will need an airship if they are going to challenge Golbez. The king offers passage on a ship in the harbor east of Fabul and gives Cecil a Black sword. Visit the harbor and Yang's wife will see the group off. Along the way, Leviatan will show up and smash the ship. Separated from the rest of the group, Cecil needs to make his way to the nearby town alone.

The town unfortunately turns out to by Mysidia and many of the villagers still hold a grudge against Cecil. Visit the elder's home in the upper part of town and he will tell you to go to Mt Ordeals to cast off the evil sword and become a paladin in order to rescue Rosa. The elder will order two apprentice mages Palom and Porom to accompany Cecil on his quest. You may want to buy them better armor at the shop in town.

Mt Ordeals lies to the east and has many tough enemies but they will give out quite a bit of experience. On your way up, you will find Tellah and he will join your party once again.

When you reach the summit, you will encounter Milon, a minion of Golbez. Use fire magic to clear out the Ghasts and then concentrate on Milon. Using target all you should be able to wipe out all of the Ghasts in your opening barrage. Milon will counter attack with Lit whenever he is damaged so Tellah may have to help Porom cure the party.

After Milon is defeated, heal up before moving on. As you cross the bridge Milon will attack you again in his new form. Since you are back attacked your rows will be backwards. On your first available turn use the Change command (left arrow) to get everyone back in order. Have Tellah and Palom cast Fire to make short work of him again. Milon will use a poison attack but Porom casting Cure should be enough to keep everyone healthy.

Enter the chamber on the summit and Cecil will have to fight against Dark Knight. In order to pass the test Cecil must not take any action in the battle, not even healing himself. Once about half of Cecil's HP is gone, the Dark Knight will be defeated. Cecil steps back out onto Mt Ordeal a level 1 Paladin so he will level up very quickly on the way back down. Tellah also recovers some of his magic in the chamber including Meteo. Back in Mysidia, Cecil is greeted much more warmly and the elder allows him to use the Serpent Road in order to get to Baron to acquire an airship.

In Baron, you can find Yang at the Inn but he is under the effects of mind control. Defeat him and his 2 guards and he will snap out of it and tell you he doesn't remember anything after the Leviatan attacked the ship. Yang will give you the Baron key which you can use to unlock the weapon shop in town. Inside the shop, you can find a secret passage in the lower right side which leads behind the counters. The Baron key will also unlock the door on the left side of town which leads to the Old Waterways. The waterways will lead you right into Castle Baron's moat. On your way through the waterways, there are many hidden paths you will need to go through.

When you reach the moat, you can find a door leading inside on the bottom left side. If the party is in need of recovery, you can rest in Cecil's room. You will find Baigan outside of the throne room where Palom and Porom will notice something strange about him.

When fighting Baigan, you can fairly easily defeat his arms but he will just regenerate them in a few rounds. Magic in general is pretty effective but Baigan will eventually cast a Wall spell on itself. To overcome this, you can cast Wall on a party member and then cast your attack magic against that character. It will be deflected by the Wall and hit Baigan. In general, just focus your attacks on his body and Baigan will be defeated.

Before moving on, you can rest up in Cecil's room. You also now have access to the right side of Castle Baron where you can find valuable items. When you are ready, visit the king in the throne room and you will learn the truth of why he has been acting strangely.

Kainazzo is especially vulnerable to Lit magic so have Tellah and Parom hit him with their strongest versions of it. Cecil can help Porom keep the party healed. Yang will be able to do more damage if he has the Thunder claws equipped. Kainazzo will use a water wave attack that hits the entire party. He will eventually hide in its shell which will reduce the the effect of the party's attacks. It is a good opportunity to heal up if needed.

After, Cid bursts into the throne room and joins the party. On their way out of Castle Baron, Porom and Parom use a costly spell in order to get the party out of a deadly trap. Cid takes everyone to his airship, the Enterprise. The airship is able to fly over anything but it can only land on grass. As you are departing, Kain shows up and makes offers the Earth Crystal in exchange for Rosa.


To Be Continued