Super NES
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date August 23, 1991
Genre Platforming
Players Single Player
Multiplayer (2 alt)
Virtual Console
Release Date February 5, 2007

Super Mario World

While taking a well deserved vacation in Dinosaur Land after saving the Princess in Super Mario 3, Mario and Luigi find Princess Toadstool has been captured once again. After searching, they find a dinosaur named Yoshi who tells them about a group of monstrous turtles imprisoning his friends inside eggs. Realizing Bowser and the Koopa Kids are in Dinosaur Land, Mario and the others set out once again to rescue the Princess.

Mario has some new moves and new powerups but the biggest change of all is the ability to ride Yoshi. Yoshi is able to swallow enemies and can even shoot some of them back out, but if he is hit he will take off running so make sure you catch him before he leaves the area. The Mushroom and Flower powerup make a return and the Magic Cape is introduced which allows Mario to fly with a running start. Mario must travel throughout Dinosaur Land battling the Koopa Kids in each area's castle before he can reach Bowser's Keep. Dinosaur Land contains a wide range of sights from the Donut Plains to the Forest of Illusion to the Chocolate Island, you will have plenty of places to explore and secrets to discover.

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