Super NES
Publisher Nintendo
Released May 13, 1996
Genre RPG
Players Single Player
Virtual Console
Release Date September 1, 2008

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG starts out like many other Mario games with Princess Toadstool being kidnapped by Bowser and Mario setting out to rescue her but things quickly take a different turn. During the showdown in Bowser's castle soon after the abduction, a giant talking sword named Smithy breaks free from the Star Road and plunges right into Bowser's keep. Mario and the others, along with the 7 star fragments, are sent flying out of the castle. This begins Mario's journey to stop Smithy and his gang from invading the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario RPG is different from many other RPGs in that it allows the use of timed hits. If you press the corresponding button at the right time when attacking, defending, using special abilities or using items, you can magnify the effect. Mario isn't alone on his quest and will be joined by others as they journey through the land in search of the missing star pieces. Quirky humor, expansive worlds and memorable characters make this one of the most popular RPGs on the Super NES.

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