Super Mario Kart

Join Mario and the others from the Mushroom Kingdom as they compete through 4 Grand Prix cups. With 2 player support as well as a special multiplayer only Battle Mode and battery backed recorded time trials, you will find many different ways to enjoy the world of Super Mario Kart!

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Compete for the gold in 3 different cups, each consisting of 5 tracks. If you win all of the cups in the 100cc Grand Prix mode, you will unlock the Special Cup to take on the most challenging tracks!

Each place is worth a certain amount of points which are totaled throughout the Grand Prix cup race.
1st: 9 points
2nd: 6 points
3rd: 3 points
4th: 1 point

Drivers and Kart Sizes
Mario and Luigi are well rounded drivers with average acceleration and top speed.

Princess and Yoshi have the fastest acceleration but their top speed isn't very good.

Bowser and DK Jr. have the slowest acceleration but have the highest top speed.

Koopa Troopa and Toad have great handling but their top speed is the slowest.


Items allow you to have an extra advantage on the race track. Learn how to use each of them for a competitive advantage!

Super Mario Kart
Super Mario Kart is a fun light hearted romp set in familiar places around the Mushroom Kingdom with many features that sets it apart from most other racing games. The biggest feature is the items you can pick up around the course and use to gain the advantage you may need to get ahead. You can lay a banana or throw a turtle shell in order to spin out your opponents or you can use an item like the mushroom in order to gain a short burst of speed. Those who have played later titles in the series will know how useful the items are but may be relieved to know that they don't play such a crucial role in Super Mario Kart and most of your advantage will come from solid driving techniques.

The game features a whopping 25 tracks, all being located in various places in the Mario universe. Each track has unique challenges such as moles coming out of the ground in Donut Plains, the lava and Thwomps around Bowser's castle, shallow and deep water around Koopa Beach, slippery ice at Vanilla Lake or even stray pipes on the more traditional concrete circuits. Unlike in the majority of racing games, the difference between Mario Kart's tracks is much more than their layout and appearance. The Mode 7 graphics work great in the fast paced environment, letting you see far ahead of you to prepare for what's coming up. The different cc modes allow players of all skill levels to race at their preferred difficulty. The 50cc race is challenging for new players while the 100cc mode is challenging for veteran players and the 150cc mode is for the best of the best. The difference in difficulty between the cc divisions is significant and players who took the gold handily in easier modes may find themselves outmatched when they move on to the next highest cc mode.

Super Mario Kart has an incredible amount of replayability and one reason for that is that the karts are put into separate weight classes that perform noticeably differently from each other with their own strengths and weaknesses. The lighter karts may fare better off road and have higher acceleration but the heavier karts will have a high top speed but low acceleration. The multiplayer modes are the greatest source of replayability for most players. Not only can you race against another player in the Grand Prix or an exclusive 2 player race, you can play in a multiplayer only match called battle mode where you do battle against another player trying to pop each others balloons with items found around one of several battle arenas.