Super NES
Publisher Capcom
Release Date August 1993
Genre Fighting
Players Single Player
2 Player VS
Virtual Console
Release Date December 25, 2006

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

Street Fighter II Turbo expands on many elements found in Street Fighter II though at its core, it's still the same great game. The biggest change is the introduction of an optional turbo mode that can be adjusted in order to increase the game's speed for some lightning fast fighting! You are now also able to play as the 4 grand masters in addition to the original 8 fighters. Each fighter is also given additional special moves such as Chun Li's kikoken fireball or Dhalsim's teleport. In turbo mode, special moves will be more difficult to execute since the game speed has been increased so much, offering a real test to your skills. 2 player support is still the same allowing a VS mode as well as allowing the second player to challenge during the single player game.

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