Super NES
Publisher Capcom
Release Date August 1992
Genre Fighting
Players Single Player
2 Player VS
Virtual Console
Release Date December 25, 2006

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

In Street Fighter II, you control one of the 8 fighters on their quest to be the world champion. Each character has a set of basic attacks with light, medium and hard punches and kicks. Hard attacks may be more devastating but their slower movement makes them harder to use. Each character has their own moves they can execute through a button combination. Learning your favorite character's moves is essential! Each fight takes place at the challenged fighter's home stage and after all of the 8 main fighters have been defeated, the 4 Grand Masters become available to challenge. The VS mode from the title menu allows you and a friend to play a series of matches against one another where you can choose the characters, stages and even handicaps. A second player also has the ability to jump in at any time during the single player mode to challenge player 1!

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