Super NES
Publisher Capcom
Release Date January 1994
Genre Action / Platformer
Players Single Player
Virtual Console
Release Date April 18, 2011

Mega Man X

Mega Man is back in a new series for the Super NES but delivers the same intense gameplay. Your mission is to pursue and destroy each of the 8 robot masters who have taken refuge in environments suited for their strengths. You can challenge each robot master in any order you wish. Defeating them gives you access to their weapons, allowing you to use it for the rest of the game. Some robot masters have a weakness to certain weapons so the order you defeat them in can make the game much easier or harder! Mega Man still has his arm cannon but now has the ability to charge it up for a more devastating attack. You now also have the ability to jump up or slide down any wall, allowing you to overcome obstacles and avoid enemies like never before! As you fight through the stages, you may find capsules with upgrades from Dr. Light that improve your stats and even grant the use of new techniques.

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