Super NES
Publisher Capcom
Release Date January 1996
Genre Beat 'em up
Players Single Player
Multiplayer (2 Players)
Virtual Console
Release Date January 4, 2010

Final Fight 3

After the annihilation of the Mad Gear Gang, a new group has emerged to dominate Metro City's criminal underground: the Skull Cross Gang. While Guy is in town visiting his old friend Mike Haggar, the mayor of Metro City, they are informed the Mad Gear Gang has taken over the downtown area of the city in a riot. Joined by the detective Lucia and a street fighter Dean, the four fighters set out to wrestle Metro City back from the clutches of the Skull Cross Gang.

Final Fight 3 is very similar to the other Final Fight titles on the Super NES with a few improvements. The biggest feature is the option to have the game control the second player so you don't have to fight through every stage alone. The play control is a bit more responsive, there are more special moves, more combos, and the ability to do dash attacks but beyond that it's the same winning formula seen in the other Final Fight games.

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