In the year 2560, racers from all over the universe gather to compete in the F-Zero Grand Prix. Drivers race in hovering crafts that can reach break-neck speeds on courses suspended as high as 300 feet in the air by anti-gravitational guide beams. If you don't learn how to control your craft, just surviving the race may be a challenge!

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Grand Prix

Each race course has 5 laps and you must place above a certain place after each lap. By the final lap, if you don't place within the top 3, you will be disqualified.

Practice mode allows you to compete against the clock in order to beat your fastest recorded times. You can race against an optional computer controlled rival in this mode also.


Captain Falcon has an average speed but poor steering. He does have decent acceleration though and is good for beginners.

Dr. Stuart has the fastest acceleration but his machine can't take much damage. His top speed is the lowest of all the drivers.

Pico's machine can take a massive amount of damage and has the 2nd best top speed. He has slow acceleration though.

Samurai Goroh has the fastest top speed and can take quite a bit of damage but has the slowest acceleration out of all the drivers.