Earthbound Guide

Ness is awoken from a loud bang outside. Head downstairs to investigate but stop by his sister's room first and pick up the cracked bat from the present box. You never know what you may find out there! Your mom reluctantly lets you investigate outside but not before you change out of your pajamas. The road to the town is blocked off so head up the hill.

The actual crash site is blocked off also but you will find Pokey there snooping around. Once you investigate enough, Ness's mom will be outside his house and tells him to get some sleep. He is awoken once again by banging outside, though this time it is someone at the door. A frantic Pokey will tell you that his younger brother Picky has disappeared and needs you to help look for him. Talk to King (your dog) and ask him to come along with you. Before you go, you learn how to use the phone for saving your game. Talking to your dad on the phone is also the method for getting more money in your bank account. Just remember to use an ATM to receive it! With your newly assembled party, you embark on your adventure! Make your way back to the meteor site, battling enemies along the way. Make sure you equip the Cracked Bat you found in your sister's room if you haven't already.

Once you arrive at the crash site, King will get scared and run off. Go ahead and talk to Picky and he will join you. As you are leaving, the meteor will glow and Buzz Buzz, a bee from 10 years in the future, will appear. He warns of Giygas, the cosmic destroyer and says there is a legend of three boys and one girl who defeat Giygas. He decides to accompany you on your way back. When you are almost back to your house, a Star Man Jr appears and attacks. Buzz Buzz will defend your party with a shield and will eventually defeat it with powerful attacks. Bring the two brothers back to their home and talk to their father who sends them to their room. As you are leaving, their mother sees Buzz Buzz and becomes alarmed thinking he is a dung beetle and swats him with a fatal blow. Before Buzz Buzz dies, he tells Ness that he must visit 8 different places.

Before you go into town, you can visit the weird guy in the cabin up the mountain and he will tell you about a treasure he is pursuing. Head south into Onett and you can get a map of the town at the library. Slightly southwest of the library, you meet someone guarding a clubhouse. You can walk right past him and walk up to enter the club. One of the boys there will give you a hat.

Take a look around town and make sure you check the garbage cans for some free goodies. At the Drug Store, you can buy better items. The road to Twoson to the south is closed to you are stuck in Onett for now. It seems a gang called the Sharks is hanging around the arcade. Make sure you stock up on some healing items like hamburgers. Go inside and you can head through the door to the north and get to the lot out back. You will meet Frank, the leader of the Sharks, who will attack you.

After you defeat him, he will send his robot Frankystein Mark II. Be sure to heal up if your HP gets too low with Ness's PSI ability. If you run out of PSI, use recovery items like a hamburger.

When fighting the Titanic Ant, use your PSI Rockin attack on the first round to eliminate the two ant helpers as well as causing major damage to Titanic Ant. You should actually use this PSI attack every round until you run out of PSI as Titanic Ant will frequently use an ability that will drain Ness's HP. If you need to recover HP, use an item like a Hamburger. Titanic Ant should be defeated after about 3 hits with PSI Rockin.

With Titanic Ant out of the way, exit the cave to investigate a giant footprint. On your way back to Onett, the enemies in the cave will try to avoid you. When you exit the cave, a police officer will tell you that you're in trouble for ignoring the Don't Enter sign and wants you to stop by the Police Station. The police barricade is still up so it appears you have no choice.

Talk to one of the officers near the front desk and he will take you to a back room. Captain Strong wants to see what you're made of and has his 5 best men fight you one after another. Keep your HP high when you finish off the last few officers. Try to save as much of your PSI as possible in order to take on Captain Strong at the end. When you fight Captain Strong, PSI Rockin will be effective against him and should be able to defeat him before he starts to wear you down.

After you win, Captain Strong will radio in to the barricade on the south side of Onett and tell them to let you through.

To be continued!

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