Super NES
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date November 21, 1994
Genre Platformer
Players Single Player
Multiplayer (2 alt)
Virtual Console
Release Date February 19, 2007

Donkey Kong Country

Late one stormy night, the Kremlings have broken into Donkey Kong's stash of bananas and have stolen them all for themselves! Now, its up to Donkey Kong and his sidekick Diddy Kong to embark on an adventure and recover the bananas from King K. Rool and his army of Kremlings. The other Kong family members will help you on your way and you will even find some animal buddies to help you through the island!

You can switch between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at will. Donkey Kong has a more powerful jump and has a hand slap attack that can defeat enemies and even reveal hidden buried barrels. He also has a barrel roll attack that works great for taking out enemies. Diddy Kong is faster and can jump higher but his jumps aren't as powerful, sometimes needing to jump on enemies twice to defeat them. He has a cartwheel attack to attack enemies though it's not quite as powerful as Donkey Kong's barrel roll attack. There are 40 levels packed with secrets and even animal buddies you can find that will give you special abilities like bulldozing through enemies, running faster, jumping to great heights and even one who helps to light pitch black caverns!

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