Sonic the Hedgehog

The mad scientist Dr. Robotnik has been capturing innocent animals and turning them into robots. Armed with super speed and spiky hair, only Sonic has the power to stand up to Robotnik and free the animals from his grasp. As Sonic continues to free the captured animals from Robotnik's grasp, he is sure to turn up with one of his evil inventions!

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Sega Genesis | Virtual Console

Sonic is able to run at great speeds and can make his way through courses in record time. With enough speed, Sonic can make it through various obstacles. Some caution is necessary though; you never know what may be waiting for you up ahead!

Travel through 6 zones as you make your way to Dr. Robotnik.

Dr. Robotnik will show up to challenge you as you complete a set of zones with one of his mechanical inventions. Use Sonic's spinning jump to send Robotnik packing.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog may have been Sega's answer to Nintendo's Mario, but the similarities between the 2 platformers are few. Sonic's greatest asset is his incredible speed that he will need to use in order to make it through the levels. He has a huge variance in speed ranging from a slow walk starting out to reaching break-neck speeds once enough momentum has been built up. The controls are perfectly responsive and the game's physics flawlessly takes Sonic's momentum into consideration when going up a hill or into a loop. If you aren't going fast enough, Sonic won't be able to make it up even seemingly small slopes. Having to run back to build up enough speed can be annoying and veteran players of Sonic 2 will immediately miss the spin dash they put in to take care of that problem. In later levels, you may find yourself not using Sonic's speed as much and slowing down as much as possible to give yourself enough time to react to what ever is coming up ahead.

Sonic is able to attack enemies by curling into a ball by jumping or rolling while running. The gold rings you pick up around each level will keep you from dying if you are hit, causing them all to go flying out. You have a short period of time to grab the stray rings before they disappear, allowing you to play defensively by grabbing at least a few rings right away whenever you get hit. Ultimately Sonic 2 improved on everything in Sonic 1 but if you are looking for another great experience in this series, look no further.