Sega Genesis
Publisher Sega
Released 1995
Genre Beat 'em up
Players Single Player
2 Player co-op, VS
Virtual Console
Release Date October 22, 2007

Golden Axe III

Damud Hellbringer now threatens the land with his army of evil minions. 4 new warriors step forward to challenge him. Each warrior can perform basic attacks, jumping attacks, speeping attacks and now also can now throw projectiles and block enemy attacks. Each character has unique abilities such as Sahra's double jump and Proud Cragger's flying slam. Some enemies will also be riding beasts you can take control of by knocking them off. You can now choose your own path in some locations as you journey through the land, changing the stages you will go through. The play controls are even more responsive and enemies are much easier to read and react to. 2 player mode is still supported allowing a friend to join you as you battle Damud Hellbringer's minions.

The learning curve in Golden Axe III is much more forgiving than in earlier titles. Combined with more refined controlers and variety in content, this may be the game you want to start at if you have never played a Golden Axe game before.

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