Sega Genesis
Publisher Sega
Released December 1991
Genre Beat 'em up
Players Single Player
2 Player co-op, VS
Virtual Console
Release Date June 11, 2007

Golden Axe II

A new army of evil lead by Dark Guld plagues the land and has claimed the Golden Axe for himself. Once again the 3 warriors set out on a quest to restore peace to the land. Golden Axe II plays very similarly to the original but with a few improvements. The controls are much more responsive and you can hit multiple enemies in a single hit. Your basic attack is swinging your weapon but you can also execute jumping attacks and dash attacks. Dash attacks are no longer so fast, giving you more time to avoid or counter attack. Enemies riding beasts will also appear, allowing you to knock them off and take control of the beast yourself. In 2 player mode, a second player can control one of the other warriors to help you battle the forces of Dark Guld. An alternate duel mode allows you to fight each other in a death match.

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