Sega Genesis
Publisher Sega
Released August 14, 1989
Genre Beat 'em up
Players Single Player
2 Player co-op, VS
Virtual Console
Release Date November 28, 2006

Golden Axe

In the land of Yuria, the evil Death Adder has taken over the castle and is holding the king and his daughter hostage. 3 warriors of different backgrounds join together in order to stop Death Adder and restore peace to the land. Golden Sun allows you and and a second player to team up together as you fight your way through the land. Your main attack is a simple swing if your weapon but you can also perform a dash attack as well as jumping attacks. Some enemies will be riding on fearsome beasts. If you knock the enemy off, you can take control of the beast yourself and wreak havoc on your foes! In addition to the main arcade mode is a beginner mode allowing new players to get a feel for the game with reduced enemy health and aggression. There is also a duel mode that allows you and a friend to battle it out arena style. This mode also extends to the single player mode where you fight against progressively harder enemy formations.

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