Final Fantasy Adventure


High above the clouds on the peak of Mount Illusia lies the Mana Tree. From it, gushes a great waterfall which is the source of all life in the world below. The Mana tree is nourished by the spirit of all living things and it produces a water reflecting the purity of the people living in the world. If the tree were to be contaminated by an evil influence, it would produce an evil water that would darken the spirits of everyone in the world who would in turn contaminate the Mana Tree even further. As this cycle has the potential to destroy the world, the Mana Shrine which surrounds the Mana Tree is a forbidden place.

The Empire of Glaive, ruled by Dark Lord now seeks to wield the power of mana to control the world.









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Game Boy
Action RPG

You will find a variety of weapon types that not only attack differently but can also be used for other things like cutting down bushes or jumping across gaps!


By defeating monsters, you will become stronger. Whenever you gain a level, you have the option of giving a bonus to 1 of your 4 stats