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Warcraft: Orcs and Humans
Introductory Campaign Guide

Human Campaign


As a test of your abilities, the King has appointed you as Regent over a small parcel of land. Since we must keep our armies in the field well supplied, you are to build the town into a farming center of no less than 6 farms. Construction of a barracks for defense is also advised, as our scouts have reported Orc patrols in the area.

To construct new buildings or field more men, you will need resources in the form of gold and lumber. Gold is found within gold mines and lumber is gained by chopping down trees. The peasant can be fielded from the Town Hall and is a worker who will harvest both of these resources for you as well as construct your buildings. In order to support more troops on the field, you will need to build more farms. Each building must be touching a cobbled road which can also be built from the Town Hall.

You will notice each gold mine only has a certain amount of gold in it and the one nearby won't have enough to complete your objective. You will want to gather your footmen and secure the mine to the northeast or the mine to the southeast. There is a light Orc presence in the area but with your footmen grouped together, they will make short work of any Orcish stragglers they come across.

Fielding more Peasants will allow you to bring in resources more quickly but it can be expensive supporting them in gold and available farms. Once you have enough farms, consider constructing a barracks and fielding more footmen for defense. It isn't necessary to slay all of the Orcs in the area but now is a good time to practice. Once you have constructed a barracks and 6 farms you will have proven yourself capable of handling a more important duties.

Grand Hamlet

The Orcs around Grand Hamlet are becoming increasingly brazen in their attacks, and our spies inform us that they are amassing a large army to march against the town. The King is sending you, along with a small detachment of troops, to rally the people and defend the town against all opposition.

You may be tempted to immediately begin hunting down the orcs in the area but concentrate on defense for now. As you expand your base, you will be periodically attacked so keep your forces spread out to defend your Peasants. You can also now field Archers, which can attack at range and are especially deadly in large numbers. An Archer's greatest weakness is his low defense so keep them behind any Footmen you have. Your initial force is enough for now but after you field a few more Peasants, construct a barracks in order to better defend the town.

After building up your base and fielding a small force, you can begin searching for Orcs in the outlying woods. A group of Archers can handle most small encounters but keep a force of more soldiers nearby in reserve to minimize any losses.


With Blackhand's raiding parties routed, now is the time for us to secure a lasting peace in the area around Grand Hamlet. You must seek out the Orcish outpost of Kyross that lies deep within the Swamps of Sorrow, and destroy it.

Just like at Grand Hamlet, spread your forces out to defend against Orcish raiding parties. The Orcish outpost of Kyross is to the northwest so don't alert them to your presence. This is the first time you will be facing an enemy base and they will be able to field more warriors just as you can.

There is a gold mine nearby to the south and more mines nearby north and west after it runs dry. Most attacks will come from the north but don't forget to protect any supply lines leading to an active gold mine. Any sizable force of Archers will make short work of attacking Orcs but don't forget about your Footmen as they are still valuable front line soldiers. You now are able to field Priests from a church and with their healing spell, you can make sure your men survive and stay healthy through relentless Orc attacks.

With your army, move in formation to the northwest against Kyross. Occupied by heavily entrenched Orcish defenders, it may be an effective strategy to lead a single Footman forward in an attempt to lead them out to your line. With the defenders slain, Kyross is at the mercy of our forces.

Dead Mines

It has been some twenty months since Sir Lothar, one of the crown's greatest heroes, led an expedition into the Dead Mines to search for the Lost Tome of Divinity. They were never heard from again. However, the great knight has recently appeared to the Abbot of Northshire in a vision - battered and pleading for assistance. King Llane has ordered you to lead a detachment of warriors and healers into the mines in an attempt to find Sir Lothar, heal him, and bring back him and any other survivors back alive.

This mission will make use of one of our greatest strengths over the Orcish horde: healing. You may have used it back at Kyross, but in here where you have a set number of soldiers, it will be invaluable in surviving the denizens of the Dead Mines. Advance in formation with your Footmen in front and your Archers and Priests in the rear. As you advance, you can draw enemies back to your line a few at a time with a Footman scout.

You may find wounded soldiers holed up down in the mines, just make sure to heal them before sending them to fight. To recover any men you may find, simply move one of your soldiers next to them. Sir Lothar is barricaded in room heavily guarded by Ogre warriors so don't approach carelessly. With Lothar recovered, bring all surviving men back to the entrance of the cave alive.

Elwynn Forest

The Forest of Elwynn is a strategic key to securing the Borderlands. An outpost near the southeast edge of the forest will serve as your stronghold. The King has assigned one of his knights to aid you, so that your task of ridding the area of Blackhand's dark minions may be more readily completed.


Orcish Campaign

Swamps of Sorrow

Blackhand has assigned you to an outpost in the Swamps of Sorrow. Your task is simple enough that even the War Chief feels that you are capable of it. Construct at least 6 farms, so that we may keep our troops well fed and ready to do battle. Only a fool would leave his treasures unguarded, so you must also build a barracks for the defense of these farms.


Swamps of Sorrow Borderlands

Like the stinging of a wasp, the attacks from the Humans grow more and more bothersome. You have been assigned to a small outpost on the Borderlands of the Swamps of Sorrow. You are to defend our lands from the incursions of these ravenous dogs by crusing any opposition that you encounter.


Grand Hamlet

The Humans are growing strong in Grand Hamlet. An outpost will be placed under your dictatorship to use as you see fit. You must then prepare and lead a force to destroy Grand Hamlet and all that dwell there. Blackhand will brook no survivors - these Humans must be taught a hard lesson in the ways of humility.


Dead Mines

You are wakened from your nights sleep by a runner from the War Chief. Blackhand's daughter Griselda has run off with the outlaw Turok's band of Ogres. Our wolfriders have tracked them to the dungeons hidden beneath the Dead Mines. Find Turok's band of rebellious pigs and kill them all --- including Griselda. She must not disobey the commands of her father... ever again.


Red Ridge Mountains

On your return from the dungeon, you receive word from advance scouts that the recently established outpost near the Red Ridge Mountains is under siege. A group of raiders have been dispatched to assist you in taking back the outpost and crushing the Human oposition. Your secondary objective is to seek out and completely destroy their encampment, putting an end to this threat for good.