Publisher FCI
Released 1988
Genre Shoot 'em up
Players Single Player
Virtual Console
Release Date December 2007


Zanac is a scrolling shooter where you must survive a deadly gauntlet of enemy defenses in order to stop The System, a rogue AI that threatens all life in the galaxy. Your ship's main weapon is the cannon which shoots forward and can be upgraded. You also have a special weapon that can be changed by picking up one of the 8 numbered upgrades you find. Each of the 12 levels has a powerful defense structure you must destroy before continuing on so don't waste all of your special weapon reserves!

The variety in enemies you will face range from hostile missile launching drones to ground defenses and even to stray meteors. If your ship is destroyed, you will be able to take control of one of your reserve ships and continue on from that point. If you lose all of your lives, you will be able to continue again right at the beginning of that level.

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