Publisher Nintendo
Release Date August 1986
Genre Fighting
Players Single Player
2 Player VS
Virtual Console
Release Date January 1, 2007
3DS (3D Classics)
Release Date July 13, 2011

Urban Champion

As an aspiring urban champion, it's your goal to pummel your opponent back through screens and into one of the sewer manholes which are to the far end of either side. This is easier said than done though as the only way you are going to knock yout opponent back is through a successful hit. Getting through your opponent's guard is they key to success as well as defending yourself against their attacks!


You have 2 types of punches each with their own uses.

Heavy Punch
The heavy punch is much more devastating - if it connects! It's a haymaker so it takes time to wind up, leaving you open to attack. If it does land, your opponent will be knocked over, allowing you to gain much more ground on him.

Quick Punch
Quick punches don't do as much damage but they are easier to land because of how much faster they are. Quick punches are also useful for countering an opponent who is using a heavy punch.

Pressing up or down will change your guard, allowing you to block either high or low attacks. It also allows you to throw high or low punches over your opponent's guard.

Pressing back when fighting will allow you to dodge attacks but it must be timed correctly to be successful. This can be really helpful if you don't want to guess your opponent's attack.

Some people won't appreciate you fighting in the streets and will drop a flower pot out of the window. If it lands on your head, you will be momentarily stunned.

Cop cars will occasionally show up in the middle of the fight, forcing you each to retreat to your corner to look innocent. This restarts your positions to the middle of the screen.

Your stamina will deplete based on every action you take from throwing punches to getting hit on the head from falling pots. If you run out, your punches will not be as effective. Stamina resets to 200 on every new screen.

If the timer runs out, the police will finally catch on to what is going on and show up to arrest you.

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