Super Mario Bros. 2

Mario is troubled by a strange dream in which the evil Wart has cursed the world of Subcon. One day while out on a picnic with Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool, Mario finds a secret passage in a mountain with stairs leading up to a door. When Mario opens the door, they all find they are staring into the world of Subcon!

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You can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad or Princess Toadstool. Each character has their own strengths which allows them to get through a level in different ways.

Mario is well rounded in his abilities. He can jump fairly high and can carry items almost as quickly as Toad.

Luigi can jump the highest out of everyone but it takes some practice controlling it. Luigi is slowed quite a bit when carrying an item though.
Toad has the weakest jumping ability but he isn't slowed down when carrying an item.

Princess Toadstool has a jump almost as short as Toad's but she is able to hover for a few seconds by holding the jump button.