Publisher Sunsoft
Release Date 1986
Genre Shoot 'em up
Players Single Player
2 Player co-op
Virtual Console
Release Date May 19, 2008

Sky Kid

In this scrolling shooter, you take to the skies in your biplane with enemies in the air and on the ground trying to shoot you down. You are armed with a machine gun that will shoot in the direction you are flying. You can also perform a quick loop maneuver to get behind enemies that are right on your tail. Enemy planes can come from all directions though most will come in from behind.

Anti aircraft guns and ships can be even more dangerous but many shots can't reach you if you stay high enough out of range. The goal of most missions is to bomb a target but you won't start out equipped with a bomb. Instead, you will have to pick up bombs left out for you by flying right over them. With the bomb attached, you won't be able to do any loops though so don't let enemies get behind you! Sky Kid also supports a 2 player mode where a friend can join you in a second plane to help you take on the enemies!

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