Publisher Technos
Release Date January 1990
Genre Beat 'em up
Players Single Player
2 Player co-op
Wii Virtual Console
3DS Virtual Console

River City Ransom

Alex and Ryan set out to rescue Cindy from a gang leader named Slick and beat the crap out of a whole bunch of thugs along the way. You can attack by punching, kicking, jumping or even by picking up objects and throwing them at enemies. The world is non-linear so you can go where you want in the city and you can even increase your stats with special items. Besides the basic gang members, there are also stronger bosses and sub bosses you will have to defeat along the way. It plays very similarly to Double Dragon so if you have a hunger for some old school beat 'em up action, you won't want to miss this classic. Arguably the best beat 'em up game for the NES and even supports 2 player co-op!

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