Pinball is a straight forward pinball game that takes place on 2 screens. Dropping the ball from the top screen will bring it down into the bottom screen where the player may try to hit the ball back up to the top screen or try to score off of the different pointers down there. Dropping the ball down from the bottom screen will result in the loss of a ball.

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Pinball / Action

Various obstacles on the table allow you to score points. Target different elements on the table to gain access to additional bonuses or scoring opportunities.

Pinball is a small scale game that takes place on only 2 screens and one bonus mode so the scenery does get old fast. The bottom screen provides a fun strategy element that acts as a safety net to fall into from the top screen. The play control is great and the ball behaves fairly realistically when hit by a paddle or hits an object on the table. Due to the very small scope of the game, many players may want to pass it up in favor of later more advanced pinball games.