Publisher Nintendo
Released September 29, 1991
Genre Sports
Players Single Player
2 Player alternating
Wii Virtual Console
3DS Virtual Console

NES Open Tournament Golf

Join Mario and Luigi in mastering your golf game in 3 different courses with 18 holes each. You have a great degree of control over every hit by changing the direction you are aiming, the type of club and even the position you hit the ball in! When you are swinging the club, you will see a meter that determines how far and straight the ball will travel. To hit the ball harder, press A as the marker travels more to the left. To make the ball go straight, you want to press A again as the marker travels quickly back, right when it's over the white peg.

Each hole will feature typical golf hazards like rough, water and sand. Mastering your swing is essential if you want to say in the game! Knowing which clubs to use on each terrain is important too; you don't want to use your woods in the rough! You can choose between Stroke Play and Match Play for each course - competing for the least total strokes or the most won holes. A second player can also join in to compete for the best score.

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