Mega Man 2

In the year 200X, Dr. Light created Mega Man in order to defend the world against the evil ambitions of Dr. Wily. Bent on taking over the world, Dr. Wily has created eight new Robot Masters since his last defeat to deal with Mega Man. Once again, Mega Man must set out to put an end to Dr. Wily's evil plans.

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Platformer / Action

Robot Masters
Dr. Wily's henchmen will have to be defeated before you are able to challenge him at Skull Castle. Each Robot Master is weak to a special attack you can obtain by defeating other Robot Masters.
Metal Man
He will throw 3 large metal blades at you from across the room. The large conveyor belt on the floor randomly changes directions. Weak against Metal Blade and Quick Boomerang.
Air Man
Sends a large series of gusts forward at the same time that you must jump through in order to reach him. Weak against Leaf Shield.

Bubble Man
His room is filled with water that slows your jumps and makes them higher. He will fire bubbles at you along with his beam attack. Weak against Metal Blade.
Quick Man
Moving at lightning speed, Quick Man will launch guided boomerangs at you. Weak against Crash Bomber.

Crash Man
He will throw deadly bombs forward on the ground that will explode a few moments later. If they hit you, they will explode on contact. Weak against Air Shooter.
Flash Man
With the ability to stop time, he can freeze you in place while he continues to attack. Weak against Crash Bomber and Metal Blade.

Heat Man
Launches 3 flame pillars forward then uses a blaze dash at you leaving a small opening to attack. Weak against Bubble Lead.

Wood Man
Uses a shield of leaves that he can shoot forward at you while dropping 4 deadly leaves from above. Weak against Metal Blade, Atomic Fire and Crash Bomber.

Mega Man 2
Mega Man 2 is more forgiving than the original, even allowing the use of energy tanks that can be used to replenish your health whenever you choose. The number of Robot Masters is up to 8 and their attacks and behaviors are much more versatile than before. The player can challenge the robot masters in any order, allowing many different routes though the game. The powers you receive from them are also more useful and can make dealing with other Robot Masters much easier once you learn what they are weak to, making the order you challenge them in very important. The music is phenomenal and is among the best of anything found on the NES. Mega Man 2 plays very similarly to the other games in the Mega Man series on the NES and many would consider it the high point of the series. Effective maneuvering around your opponent's attacks in order to maintain enough health to handle the Robot Master at the end of the level is necessary if you want to get very far. Each level follows the theme of its respective Robot Master and has its own variety of challenges to overcome besides simply surviving the enemies found in it. If you liked the other Mega Man games, get this one for sure.