Mega Man

Dr. Wright, along with his lab assistant Dr. Wily, have created Mega Man and 6 other advanced humanoid robots designed to do work in extreme conditions for the benefit of mankind. However, Dr. Wily betrays Dr. Wright and decides to reprogram the 6 robots and use them in order to take over the world. Dr. Wright sends Mega Man to stop his fellow robots and put an end to Dr. Wily's evil ambitions.

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Platformer / Action

Meet the Robot Masters
These powerful robots were much like Mega Man before Dr. Wily turned them into his henchmen. Defeating them will allow Mega Man to use their power for himself.

Cut Man
Cut man attacks by throwing his cutters at you like a boomerang. If you defeated Guts Man prior, the large rocks can be thrown at him for massive damage. Weak against Super Arm.
Guts Man
Though Guts Man is slow moving, he is able to cause quakes that not only stun you but can drop a boulder from above that he can throw. Weak against Hyper Bomb.
Ice Man
Ice Man will shoot 3 ice attacks at you at the same time at different heights. You must jump through them if you don't want to take damage. Weak against Thunder Beam.
Bomb Man
Bomb Man will jump around the room throwing bombs at you. Staying on the move and jumping before they detonate will keep you safe from harm. Weak against Fire Storm.
Fire Man
Fire Man will shoot forward walls of flame at you so you must time your jumps accurately. Weak against Ice Slasher.

Elec Man
He shoots a very powerful lightning beam that has a wide area of attack. The blocks on the left side of the room may be of use maneuvering around him. Weak against Rolling Cutter.

Mega Man
Mega Man is the hardest and most unforgiving game in the series and perhaps even in the entire NES library. The controls are solid which definitely helps as you have little room for error in dodging attacks or making jumps. Mega Man is a game you won't be able to blast through in your first playthrough; learning the ins and outs of each stage and each Robot Master is crucial. Defeating a Robot Master allows you to use their weapons any time you want. Experienced players will be able to use their knowledge of each Robot Master's weaknesses to certain weapons to make the game much easier. Since you can challenge the Robot Masters in any order, the game can become significantly easier or more difficult depending on what weapons you have to use against the stage or the Robot Master at the end of it.

Mega Man is a satisfyingly difficult game where you will need to rely on your polished skills and your knowledge of the terrain in order to get very far. You will die a lot but you will find you will always come back for more.