Publisher Nintendo
Release Date October 1985
Genre Action / Racing
Players Single Player
Virtual Console
Release Date July 9, 2006

Mach Rider

In the futuristic world of Mach Rider, the Earth has been overrun by aliens known as Quadrunners. It's your mission to take to the roads in search of survivors. You control the bike left and right avoiding obstacles and enemies. You can also adjust between each of the 4 speeds by pressing up or down but remember going too fast will give you much less time to react and going too slow allows enemies to catch up from behind.

Your bike is also equipped with a powerful gun that can be used to destroy enemies and obstacles in front of you so if you can't avoid something, just blast it off the road.

In the Fighting Course mode, you travel along the road shooting enemies out of the way trying to survive to the end. In the Endurance Course, you are trying to make it to a certain distance in the given time - all while sharing the road with hostile Quadrunners! In the Solo Course mode, you are still trying to travel a certain distance before time runs out but all enemies have been removed. Mach Rider also lets you build your own tracks for each of the 3 modes.

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