Publisher Konami
Released 1988

Shoot 'em up

Players Single Player
2 Player co-op
Wii Virtual Console
3DS Virtual Console

Life Force

As part of the Gradius series, expect the same great scrolling shooter action. Stages alternate between a side view and an overhead view and compared to Gradius there is much more variety in the challenges you will face. Many areas will allow and even require you to shoot through certain parts of the environment to make your way through. Each stage has its own boss for you to overcome.

Destroyed enemies will sometimes drop upgrade capsules you can use to improve your ship. You can increase your ship's speed, get new weapons such as the laser and the ripple beam, missiles and even a little helper drone that has the same weapons you do! When you lose a ship, a new ship will fly in and you are allows to continue right where you left off. Life Force does allow a 2 player co-op mode, letting a friend join you in blasting through each stage.

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