Publisher Taito
Release Date 1987
Genre Action
Players Single Player
Virtual Console
Release Date February 19, 2007

The Legend of Kage

The Legend of Kage is an action packed adventure that follows the ninja Kage in his mission to bring back the kidnapped Princess Kiri. Kage's primary attack is his sword but he can also use an unlimited number of throwing stars to down his foes. As a ninja, you will also be able to jump to incredible heights as you fight through every area.

A successful attack only takes a single hit to down an enemy but the same goes for you! Your attacks also allow you to block an enemy's attack so make sure to go in swinging! It's a rather fast paced game that gives you moments to react to new enemies attacking from all directions as you fight your way into the enemy castle. The enemy is relentless and you will have to rescue the Princess 3 times over the course of 3 different seasons to end the threat for good.


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