Kirby's Adventure

In the magical place known as Dream Land, a young Dream Lander named Kirby awoke after his lunch feast nap after not having any dreams. Thinking this very strange, Kirby went to the Dream Spring to investigate. When he arrived, Kirby discovered none other than King Dedede bathing in its waters. Confronting him, Kirby learns that King Dedede has taken the Star Rod and broken it into 7 different pieces. It's now up to Kirby to get back all 7 pieces of the Star Wand from King Dedede's friends to restore the Dream Spring and return dreams back to Dream Land.

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Kirby's Moves
By pressing up, Kirby can inflate himself and fly around. While inflated, Kirby can exhale a burst of air that can damage an enemy in front of him!

Kirby has the ability to inhale enemies and objects by holding the B button and can then spit them out. He can only use this ability if he has no active power.

After inhaling an certain enemies, Kirby can copy their abilities to use for himself by pressing the down button. His current power is shown at the bottom of the screen.

There are 7 different levels and each has their own lobby map with a set of stages. Move to new stages by opening their doors. You can also replay old stages to get abilities and other goodies.

After you complete all of the stages in a level, the boss's door will appear in the level lobby. Each boss is very different from the last so watch them carefully for an opening!

Try your luck in the bonus stages found in level lobbies to win extra lives. Each bonus stage game is different so don't expect it to be the same as last time! Some bonus stages can be revealed by finding secrets in normal levels.

Visit the Arena in the level lobby to square off against a mini boss. If you defeat the mini boss, a Maxim Tomato will fall that can restore Kirby's health. You can also copy the defeated boss's power.