Publisher Nintendo
Release Date March 1988
Genre Sports
Players Single Player
2 Player VS
Virtual Console
Release Date December 2006

Ice Hockey

In Ice Hockey, you take control of your team of 5 players and can switch between them by pressing the B button while on defense. Movement is done with the d-pad but watch out for the other team as they can steal the puck from you! The goalie will also move with your active player by pressing up or down so you don't have to switch to him when defending the goal.On offense, you pass with the A button and shoot with the B button. Your can take more powerful shots by holding down the B button longer.

The really interesting thing about Ice Hockey is that players on your team have different strengths. One player may be better at taking shots but is slower on the ice while another may not be as strong but can move faster and is better at faceoffs. Passing can be very important if you need to take advantage of a certain character's strengths. Ice Hockey supports a 2 player mode for one of the most entertaining sports titles found on the NES.

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