Publisher Nintendo
Release Date October 18, 1985
Genre Platformer
Players Single Player
2 Player (simultaneous)
Wii Virtual Console
3DS Virtual Console

Ice Climber

The objective in Ice Climber is to reach the top of the mountain which is divided into different levels. As an ice climber, you are equipped with a mallet you can use to break the ice between each layer, allowing you to get to the level above. This sounds pretty easy but the mountain has a few surprises in store for you.

The local inhabitants will do their best to stop you and you will have to avoid them or bonk them with the hammer. Each enemy behaves in a different way; some will wander back and forth over the mountain and one will even work hard to rebuild the ice you break.

If you take too long in one area, a polar bear will appear and the screen will start moving up. If you fall off the screen you lose a life so don't break too much of the floor up! Once you reach the summit, you can play a bonus game where you try to grab onto the condor at the top for extra points.


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