Publisher Konami
Released 1986
Genre Shoot 'em up
Players Single Player
2 Player alternating
Virtual Console
Release Date January 8, 2007


Armed with your spaceship, the Vic Viper, you must get through hordes of enemies in a dangerous environment to defeat the boss in each area. Your ship will shoot straight ahead with its main cannon but it can be upgraded to be more effective or replaced with the laser beam.

To upgrade your ship, pick up upgrade capsules which are dropped from some destroyed enemies. You can upgrade your main gun, ship speed, force field and even build up to 2 drones that help shoot enemies with you! Upgrading different parts of your ship requires a different amount of capsules which you can see at the bottom of the screen. Your reflexes will be tested to the max and you will find the real challenge comes in surviving the levels, not beating the bosses!

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