Publisher Namco
Release Date 1988
Genre Shoot 'em up
Players Single player
Virtual Console
Release Date April 9, 2007


Your ship is fixed in its location at the bottom of the screen and you can move left and right to aim or avoid enemies. Your gun shoots straight ahead so your position is very important especially when trying to hit enemy formations moving in. The enemies will often hold in formation in front of you after flying in, giving you an opportunity to destroy them before they fly off and become highly mobile again.

Most enemies will fly around and try to shoot at you but one special enemy will be able to capture your ship with a tractor beam. This will make you lose a ship but you can actually take it back while in your new ship by destroying the enemy controlling it. This will allow you to control 2 fighters at once for double the firepower - and double the target! The speed isn't as extreme as many shoot 'em ups so if you are looking to get into the genre, Galaga is a great place to start.

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