Publisher Square
Released July 12, 1990
Genre RPG
Players Single Player
Virtual Console
Release Date October 5, 2009

Final Fantasy

In Final Fantasy, you embark on the quest of the 4 Light Warriors who set out to defeat the evil forces threatening the land. You are able to create your own party by choosing which classes you want included. Some classes such as the fighter specialize in melee fighting and some classes such as the black mage specialize in powerful offensive magic. It's completely up to you how you want your party to be balanced.

To find out information about the world, talk to everyone you meet and make sure to look around. Battles are done by choosing actions in the menu where you can attack, use magic, use items and even run away if things aren't looking good. Your party gets stronger by gaining experience from defeated enemiesand buying new weapons and armor. Budgeting your resources such as gold and healing items is very important as you travel the world!

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