This motocross racing game is the first of the Excite series. It sets itself apart from other racing games by giving the player control over the pitch of the bike which determines how it will interact with the course. Two different modes allow you to race in a time trial mode or against other places. The Design mode allows you to create your own track which can be played on any of the 2 modes.

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Control the pitch of your bike by pressing left or right on the control pad. Hitting a ramp or the ground at the wrong angle will cause you to wipe out.

Pressing the B button allows you to go even faster but will cause the engine to overheat if used too long.

If you overheat, you will need to rest by the side of the track until the engine cools down. Arrows on the track will cool down the engine immediately if they are driven over.

Other obstacles besides ramps will either slow you down or cause you to crash.

Excitebike is a unique racing experience that gives you a great amount of control over your bike, allowing different results when coming into contact with obstacles like ramps and hurdles. Not only can you control the pitch of your bike by pressing forward and back, you can also really push your engine hard for short periods of time at the risk of overheating. Though there is a great deal of variety in controlling the bike, there isn't much to do except race for the fastest times on the 5 tracks in the game. Because your control over your bike impacts your performance so much, it makes racing against the clock much more fun than it otherwise would be. You can choose to race against computer controlled opponents as well but they will make it difficult to get your fastest times.

The design mode is the game's saving grace for many and is its greatest source of replay value. In design mode, you can make your own track by placing the location of different objects around the track, allowing you to make the kind of track you want to race on. Overall, Excitebike is a fun little game but it does get old quickly and a lack of multiplayer is a deal breaker for many.