Publisher Nintendo
Release Date 1985
Genre Action / Run and gun
Players Single player
2 players alternating
Virtual Console
Release Date March 5, 2007

Elevator Action

In Elevator Action, you are a spy infiltrating a building in search of secret documents. To get from floor to floor, you will need to make use of elevators and occasionally stairs to make it all the way to the bottom. You can control elevators up and down and can even ride on top of them - but don't get squished against the ceiling!

The building is filled with enemy agents so you are armed with a pistol that can be fired while standing or crouching. Enemies will pursue you through elevators and even come out of doors so make sure to watch your back. You can also jump over gaps in the floor and over bullets but if you fall to the floor below you will lose a life.

The further you get the more skilled enemy agents will be, shooting sooner and more frequently. All in all, Elevator Action is a simple compelling game that players of all skill levels can get into.

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