Publisher Konami
Released 1987
Genre Sports
Players Single Player
2 Player VS
Virtual Console
Release Date November 26, 2007

Double Dribble

In Double Dribble, you control players on a team of 5 players. On offense, you can shoot the ball by pressing B and do a jump shot by holding down on B longer. You can also pass the ball with A if another team mate is in better position. The shots you can make are jump shot, free throw, three pointer and slam dunk.

On defense, you can change which team member you are controlling with B and you can steal the ball from the other team by pressing A next to the person with it. You can also try to block the shot by jumping in its path. Be aware there are penalties like travelling, out of bounds and pushing. Double Dribble also has a 2 player VS mode where a second player can take control of the opposing team.

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