Publisher Nintendo
Release Date October 18, 1985

Action / Puzzle

Players Single Player
2 Player co-op
Virtual Console
Release Date September 2008

Clu Clu Land

The Urina have stolen all of the treasures in the underwater kingdom of Clu Clu Land and it's up to Bubbles to get them all back. Bubbles is always moving forward so to get around, you can turn by holding a direction button between the turning pegs and she will grab onto it and swing to that direction.

To get through every stage, you need to uncover all of the hidden gems by moving over them. To make things more difficult, the Urina will be moving around the stage as well and will cost you a life if they get you. The uncovered gems have the added benefit of blocking enemies from moving through them. Bubbles can also shoot out a blast that can stun enemies and can then push them against the wall to knock them out of the area. Clu Clu Land supports 2 player co-op so you can get some help trying to find all of the treasure before the time runs out!

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