Publisher Jaleco
Release Date 1988

Action / Platformer

Players Single Player
2 Player alternating
Virtual Console
3DS Virtual Console

City Connection

As a driver visiting different sites around the world, you must paint every bit of the road in each area by driving over it. This can be tough as there are roads at several different heights! The police of course won't be very happy about this and will be driving around as well. Other obstacles like cats, spikes and other drivers will be on the road and will cost you a car if they are hit.

Fortunately, your car is able to jump to impressive heights which allow you to reach higher roads as well as avoid obstacles. You will first need to build up enough speed to jump though as you will see when the front of your car lifts up for a moment. You can also shoot out oil you pick up to spin out the cops and other drivers to knock them out of the way. Your car will always be moving but fortunately it can turn on a dime!

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