Publisher Taito
Release Date 1988

Platformer / Action

Players Single Player
2 Players
Virtual Console
Release Date April 28, 2007

Bubble Bobble

Bub and Bob are bubble dragons who are able to shoot out bubbles which will capture an enemy inside if they touch it. The enemy will then float around the stage until you run into them to pop the bubble. The type of enemy inside will give out different food for different points. You will also get bonus points for popping multiple enemies at the same time.

Your bubbles will rise up after being shot out so putting yourself in the right spot is very important. You can jump up to platforms above you and if you fall down at the bottom, you return to the very top of the screen. Bubble Bobble also features a 2 player mode where players can work together to defeat all of the enemies on the screen or compete to see who can get the most points.

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