Publisher Nintendo
Release Date June 1986
Genre Action / Platformer
Players Single Player
2 Players
Wii Virtual Console
Release Date July 16, 2007
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date August 31, 2011

Balloon Fight

In Balloon Fight, you take to the skies using balloons and attempt to pop the balloons of enemies before they pop yours. The person highest in every collision is the winner with the loser parachuting to the ground below. Enemies will begin re-inflating their balloons if they land safely on solid ground so make sure to run into them again or they will be back in the air in no time! Unlike your enemies, you have 2 balloons and will lose a life if both are popped. If one balloon is popped, you will have more limited mobility.

Balloon fight also boasts a 2 player mode where a friend can join you to get through the levels. Just be careful as you can still pop each other's balloons! In either mode, clouds will eventually shoot a lightning bolt that will bounce around the stage and getting hit will result in the loss of a life even if you have 2 balloons. There is an alternate mode called Balloon Trip where you collect as many balloons as you can while maneuvering through the lightning in a side scrolling stage. The obstacles become more challenging the further you go so it's an endurance test to see how far you can get!

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