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From the landing spot, walk west to the village in the mountains called Coralcola. Talk to the chief in the hut in the west part of town and you will find out your uncle, Dr. Jones, has been abducted! Talk to the villagers around Coralcola then talk to the man guarding the hut in the northeast and he will let you through. Enter the hut to find a path leading down to the Island Tunnel.

Island Tunnel

Slow moving and weak
Faster moving but pauses in one spot often
Move quickly in diagonal directions
Charges forward when you walk in front of him

The Island Tunnel is full of dangerous enemies so the Yo-Yo you received from the island chief will come in handy. The green blocks you will see throughout the tunnel can be jumped on and are your method for getting past water. Just be careful not to jump into the water! Some blocks are also hidden switches that will do something special when jumped on. Some doors in the tunnel will only open when all enemies in the room are defeated.

When you reach the 4th room, you will see a room divided by water but there's no way to jump to the north side. Jump on the blocks on either far side of the room to find a hidden switch that will open the way for you. In the next room, the hidden switch is the second block below the door. In the 7th room, you can find switches that will open the left and right doors but they are both dead ends. Instead, make your way to the top part of the room and step on the top left most block to open a door leading north.

Use the switches to open the treasure chest and you will get the Torch item. Press SELECT to change your items. The Torch has a limited number of uses and has a greater range than the Yo-Yo. In the 10th room, you will find some Snakes. They are fast moving and charge if you go into their line of sight so quickly move back out of the way and hit them from the side while they are charging. Jump on all of the blocks on the left side of the room to open the door, the treasure chest and even a secret passage on the right side of the room.

The secret passage leads to a room with Potion which can be used to restore your hearts. You can select your Magic Items by pausing the game, then pressing up or down on the Direction Pad. Search around the blocks to find a switch that opens yet another hidden path! You will find another room with another Potion item. You can search the blocks to open a path at the top of the room but it leads to a deadly trap. Back on the main path, keep going north and you will reach a room with the giant deadly C-Serpent. To damage the C-Serpent you will have to use your Torch and hit it while its mouth is open. This can be difficult to do because the C-Serpent will usually shoot out fireballs when its mouth is open! The best way to attack without being hit is to stand on the center block below the C-Serpent and wait for him to open his mouth. Quickly attack and then jump off to one of the blocks on either side. Remember to use your Potions if you are damaged since you won't be able to take them with you once you leave the Island Tunnel.

When you exit the caves, you will find your Uncle's assistant, Baboo, who gives you an activation code to start the Sub-C submarine at the nearby lab. Entering the sub, you will meet a robot names Nav-Com who will help you pilot the Sub-C. Mike will enter the code and you're off into the blue sea! Eventually, you will meet a dolphin who is missing her son. Promise to help then go east to the nearby island.

Lighthouse Island

You will be able to go through the tunnel on the west side of the island and dock on the beach. The man in the the light house says he hasn't seen the dolphin cub but mentions you can stop by his house on the island and ask his wife. You won't be able to see the east-west tunnels through the cliffs except for the occasional water current nearby. Go through the tunnels in the Sub-C and dock to reach the east side of the island. Visit the light house man's house and his wife will mention seeing a bottle washed up on shore. Back outside, you will see a bottle on the beach. If you examine the ground on the beach outside closely, you will see a hidden passage that will allow you to reach the bottle. As it turns out, the message is from Dr. J himself and he says he has been kidnapped by aliens and has an activation code for Mike to use. The code allows the Sub-C to dive at the ripple spots in the water and reappear at another ripple spot. Use the dive ability to make your way north. There is a secret path through the rocks leading to a Big Heart which will increase Mike's health by 1 Heart. Go into the cave in the northeast part of the island to enter Octo's Lair.

Octo's Lair

Suddenly jumps out of water to run over land
When spinning, it moves quickly diagonally
Hops from block to block
Jumps in and out of the water to shoot bubbles

Watch out for the Mud-O-Fish and pick up the Bat for Mike. The Bat has more power than the Torch but it has a short range like the Yo-Yo. There are floating tiles in the next room so time your jumps to get over them before they sink back below the water. In the room with the Octots, carefully make your way over the blocks to find the hidden switch to open the door. In the next area, go to the left side of the room and go through the hidden passage. Step on the blocks to find the switch then go through the nearby hidden passage that will lead you back to the right side of the room. Jump on the block to open the door to go on to the next room.

When you reach the room with the hidden passage on the right side, you can go through the passage to continue on or you can take a detour through the door to the north which will lead you to a Potion. Through the hidden passage, you will find a chest with the Snowman item inside. The Snowman can freeze every enemy in the room but it will come in handy for the boss nearby so hang onto it for now.

Continue north through the next few rooms to reach the lair of Octo the Huge. He will shoot a barrage of ink balls at you so jump across the blocks to keep out of the way. It's easier to dodge the ink balls if you don't get too far ahead of them! After a few rounds of shooting, Octo the Huge will charge forward near the blocks. This is a great time to use one of the Snowmen you picked up earlier. Attack as fast as you can with the Yo-Yo or Bat and when he thaws out, use your second Snowman to do it again. If he hasn't been defeated after that, he should be pretty close so dodge and wait for him to charge forward again. After Octo the Huge is sunk for good, the dolphin cub will be free to swim back out into the ocean.



And with that, Mike continues on his quest to find his uncle. Many more perils await and new lands lie unexplored. The tunnel to Miracola is just up ahead but what lies beyond that you will have to discover for yourself!